To love long lost

Bree meets a handsome man on the beach the night before her cousins secret Hawaian wedding to some actor, just to find out she fucked the groom.
Zachary does something he never thought himself capable of an cheats on his fiance the night before their wedding, just to find out that it was the maid of honor.
What happens when his wife finds out ? And When the two of Them are thrown together again ?


2. One hot night

 *Zac POV*
 I know I shouldn't be doing this, I know it is wrong, that is why I told her my name is Joel, she doesn't seem to know who I am, I should get out of here, get back to my bungalow, go to sleep and forget this.
 But I feel like I am in some enticing dream, it is like the music, the island and this girl runs through my blood, making me unable to do as I should. My hands is on her lower back, as we sways to the music.
 Her hands is on my shoulders, but suddenly they run up my neck, into my hair, pulling my face down to kiss me deeply, and I loose all contact with the real world, kissing her back.
 When we finally break apart I am breathless, oh shit what am I doing ? Shit Zac this is really bad, am I just having a bit of cold feet or what is happening ?
 "I better get back to my bungalow to sleep, I got a long day tomorrow". She says, smiling at me like she wished she could stay.
 I offer her my arm, I better get back to. "Well let me walk you then, I am going in the same direction".
 *Bree POV*
 I accept his arm, walking side by side in the tide, both barefoot. Oh what a kiss, I really would wish this could have been more, I would have loved to get to know him better.
 But I better get back to my bungalow now, I mean I have already kissed this man I don't even know, it is not like me, but I am just so drawn to him, that I just couldn't help it. And oh what a kiss, it had been the most amazing kiss.
 As we reaches the first bungalows he looks at me. "I am right here, do you want to come in for a drink ?"
 "Okay then, I probably shouldn't, but yes". I know he is not really asking me in for a drink, I know what will happen the second that door closes behind us, and you know what, I want it, I want him.
 I am just drunk enough to loose my shyness and that feeling of this is wrong, but no more drunk than I know very well what I am doing.
 And I was right, we are barely inside the door before he is on me, he is pushing me against the door, lifting me by my thighs. I gasp and he takes my mouth with his, passionately locking our lips.
 He releases my mouth, running his down my neck, biting and sucking until he find the exact spot that drives me crazy. I moan deeply as he attacks the spot right below my ear.
 He is holding me up with one hand, having a firm grasp on my ass, the other hand unzipping my dress, pulling it over my head. I am not wearing a bra and his mouth leaves my neck to let his tongue play with my breasts.
 He is sucking and biting, soon having me writhing in ecstasy, clutching his head to my chest, as he is sucking one of my hard nipples into his mouth, making me cry out in pleasure.
 I am pulling at his T-shirt, and he lifts his head letting me pull it off, I run my hands over is chest, it is covered in dark hairs, my nails leaving red lines as he is biting down on my shoulder, and he is pulling his shorts out of the way.
 My panties mysteriously disappear and they are probably in shreds somewhere, then he is sliding into me, when he is fully seated in me he stops, I catch my breath, getting an odd feeling of being home, and I hear him catch his breath to.
 I look up and our eyes lock, I know he feels the same. And then he kisses me, whispering against my lips. "Hold onto me darling".
 He starts trusting into me, hard and deep, keeping his eyes on mine, and I start whimper, moving with him, this is overwhelming.
 Soon we are kissing, clawing and biting at each other, loosing ourselves in mindless ectasy as we lets our bodies take over control.
 I can feel his legs getting shaky, and he stumbles to the bedroom, throwing us both on the bed, never leaving me for a second.
 His thrusts are getting faster and deeper, and I know I can't hold back much longer. "Come on baby, cum for me". His hoarse whisper in my ear is like flipping a switch, and the orgasm hits me like a tidal wave, pulling him with me under.
 We lay still finally, wrapped up in each other, exchanging kisses until our bodies comes fully back to us, and he whispers against my shoulder. "That was amazing darling".
 I give him a lazy smile, running my hand through his hair. "It really was".
 His lips is on mine, kissing me deeply, then he says. "We better sleep, we can talk tomorrow".
 He pulls me into his arms, snuggling close to him, feeling happy, and a little sad I know this is probably it.

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