The Decision!

4 factions. One boy. Which one will 16 year old Simon Clarkson choose as he prepares for the biggest challenge of them all... BOARDING SCHOOL! Will he make the right decision? This is just a preview of the prologue... I intend to finish the story by July/August. I have not completed the prologue, but I want you as readers to comment on what I can improve about the story. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!


1. Prologue

It was 8:15am. The desolate road ahead seemed to stretch for miles. The wind whistled whilst the leaves rustled violently. I didn't like the neighbourhood. It was on a hill, the road you took to enter the neighbourhood was just off the highway and you drove along the pavement for two minutes until houses actually started to come in view. I snorted in disgust at the homes. They were old, like 1960's era old. They probably had mould growing out of every tiled floor. They were large yes, and they all had front lawns. Some more well kept then others. No house had a twin. They were all similar looking. Clearly, because they were from the same time period. They were all brightly coloured. A shower of red, yellow, blue, orange, every colour. There were even a few brown and black bricked houses There was a sign which said "Hartford Academy." I glanced through the rear-view mirror and saw an excuse of a father.

"I know that you don't want to go to boarding school, but there is no other option." Father was trying to explain himself to me, but it was no use. I felt vexation building up as I was crushed by the car's tight space. I was desperate to get to the school and drown my anger, my rage in a bottle of whiskey. Mother died a month ago. The sweet smell of jasmine lingered in the air whenever I saw my mother. She was young when she gave birth to me. She was 30 when she died. Yesterday was her birthday. I'll never forget the memories we had, our ups and downs, our laughs and fights and our smiles and frowns. But most importantly she was my mother, and I love her

My parents were divorced when I was young. Father was hitting mother using objects such as: Sticks, brooms, shoes and a bat. Mother had enough of him and asked him for a divorce. Father agreed and they both signed the papers to make it official. My father is an alcoholic and the drifting stench of vodka satisfies him. He drinks alcohol as he wants to escape from his life and forget all his troubles. When I used to visit on the weekends, I saw shattered family portraits, witnessing them being burnt as I was abused by father. However, after mother died, father pledged to never abuse me, both physically and mentally. It still did not affect the hatred I have for my father.

He is sending me to boarding school as I was excluded from my previous school for violent abuse towards a teacher. And with father going to Brazil for his photography profession, he decided it was best for me to go to this stupid boarding school. Father turned the radio on to the pop station. The song 'Kill em With Kindness' was on. Father does not understand me as he would know I like electronic and dub-step, whilst pop drives me crazy. However this song was catchy and made me sing along to it. After the song was over, I apologised to father as I did not want father to see me leave frustrated with him.                                    

He replied to me "There is no need for that, you have not done anything wrong." Ecstasy was suddenly running in my veins. The road had finally come to an end and there it was... HARTFORD ACADEMY!



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