Glass City

Lila's gay. ur gay. ya got no friends. ASMR!!!!!!!!


1. Made of Glass

Lilas a bitch. picture it. she aint yo friend, aint you homeboy, and aint yo fahizzle. she a straight up ho. a gay ho. she a gay up ho. there aint nutin straight bout her. except for the fact she a straight up bitch. hope yall talkin like yo black. that was da point. lila writes fanfiction. she ur match. yo perfect match. if ur into bitchy white girls wit no purpose in life but to do drugs and ASMR. She don't do ASMR... she just a potential candidate for type 2 diabetes. hope yall healthy. lila likes to eat. picture yo on a picnic. she complainin bout that cheese that smells like armpits because well... ya stinky, and lilas a bitch. you take a bite a that sandwhich filled with bologna and ketchup and so does lila. lila gets ketchup on her lips and u try an wipe it away. lila smack yo hand away cuz she a bitch and a germaphobe. quite the lady aint she? Vote lila for president. she gay.

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