Glass City

Lila's gay. ur gay. ya got no friends. ASMR!!!!!!!!


2. Broken glass

Lila ain't yo average bitch. Lila yo mega-bitch. The abbreviation is SMBSTCYTHNF. That means: Super Mega Bitch Syndrome that Causes You To have No Froends. Well I hope she don't got Froends. Sounds a bit dangerous. Lila's into movies. And by movies I mean Harry Potter. Now u best be gettin ur damn patronus out dat door an taking her to potter fest. Picture it. Lila dressed like Luna cuz Luna hot and Lila gay. U dressed like nevil cuz u a ho and think he's the shit, you buy a giant a turkey leg to share but no.... Lila take that damn turkey leg cuz she ain't sharin wit nobody. Might as well get yo own turkey leg. so u twos havin a good time when outa nowhere you see lila point to a brand new Nimbus 2000 fo 30.00. only one problem. u only got 4.00 left cuz lila spent 40.00 on turkey legs and bertie botts every flavor beans. this is where lila leave u cuz u don't provide fo her but eventually she come back cuz she still aint got that broom stick. you explain ta lila the situation and lila responds with,

"I'm triggered"

so u reply,

"yo a bitch." and lila says,

"I'm shook. the fact u just realized this triggers me."

So u work the corner for a few hours after lila left to buy her that Nimbus 2000 and u go to drop it off. there u see lila eatin those left over turkey legs and watchin season 4 a glee. that's when u realize, lilas perfect. she da hardcore white bitch u need in ur life. u don't care tha she gay(which is a problem cuz u aint a chick: I hope) lila cant stand u but u don't care. u gonna keep watching through her window while she eatin that cold urkey leg and watchin glee. not only is that creepy, but also illegal. welcome to ASMR people. Vote lila for mayor. she gay.

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