The Time is ticking and school is ending

The story is about a young girl that has fallen in love but never got the guy she wanted. So she started writing in a magic book that everything happened in real life.
P. S. It is not about my life everything is made up.


1. 2 Years Ago.


Hi this is a book that I have never shown to anybody I hope you like it and write a comment also.

The time that I can only think about is now.

If you need to know what happened than you need to read very carefully and than you will find out what I am talking about. 

I had a crush like in forever. It all started in sixth grade. I was knew to the school and I didn't know what to do and how to find help, because I didn't know anybody. I tried everything I could, but everyone was ignoring me or was staring at me.

I finally found somebody who can help me and that was my new best friend Asia she was so nice to me and everything I couldn't imagine that I would be on the cool team. 

5 months later.

It's only been 5 months since I have been in this school and for the first time I saw a cute boy named Jack. He was on the football team and was really cute and all the girls wear looking at him.

So it was locker time and he came to me and said what is a beautiful girl doing in this school. I was really shocked when he was talking to me all the time since. He also was sitting next to me at lunch and never stopped staring at me.

One day he walked me home and asked em on a date. I was sooooooo shocked that he said it and of course I said YES. We went to a nice restaurant adn after we ate I had to head home. Jack walked em home and..........


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