Jaxon was a normal boy, normal routine, normal family, normal friends, everything was normal. That is till he meets Foxie, a suspicious boy with a dark past. Now the question is, how will Jaxon feel about the new boy?


2. The New Kid

After going out of the front door of the house, I waited at the bus stop one block down. I saw another kid standing there. His face covered in a black hoodie, he seemed about a head above me. I saw he had red-orange long hair and his eyes were cast down on the ground. I walked up so that I was beside him. I decided to make conversation, "Hey, what's your name?" He said nothing and was still looking down. "Hello?! Are you deaf?" "I can hear perfectly fine," I heard a baritone voice, smooth as silk come out of his mouth. "Why did you answer my question." "It was none of your concern." I glared at him, "You know, that is a bit rude of you to say. I was just making conversation. Like, getting to know you." "You don't want to know about me. No one does." Geez, a bit gothic much. Apparently, I must have said it out loud since the guy looked at me with piercing blue eyes and answered, "Geez a bit asshole much?" I smirked, "It's a talent." He rolled his eyes and the bus finally arrived.

When I climbed on, every seat was taken except for gothic boy. I groaned and made my way to the seat. I tapped his shoulder and he scowled at me and growled, "What?" I smiled meekly, "Hey I don't have anywhere to sit..." "And that's my problem how?" "Well, I was hoping to sit with you since I have nowhere else, please." He scooted over and I took that as an invitation to sit down. "Look, I'm sorry I was rude earlier, I just had a rough morning and I shouldn't have taken it out on you." He did not respond and I sat quietly for a while. I heard a voice say, "I accept your apology and I hope you can accept mine for the course introduction." I nodded and we began to chat a little. "So what brings you to Huntington?" "Well, I'm looking for someone." I tilted my head, "Who?" "I don't know." 

I looked at him in question. How does someone not know who to look for? "Look I've said too much." We sat in silence till we made it to school. We got off the bus and departed ways to class. Questions still raced through my head. What is the kid hiding and why can't I know? I walked to homeroom and saw the boy sitting at the back table where I normally sit. I mentally groaned and sat down beside him and opened my phone, scrolling through Instagram. After homeroom was my Home Education class, where the boy happened to have the same class. I got to my seat in the back and waited for class to start. My teacher, Mr. Wests, walked in with his glasses perched on his nose. "Ok class! You are going to be partnered up with someone and you will get to be "married" to and will be together for about 3 months." I dozed off until I heard my name, "Jaxon and Foxie." I looked around trying to find my partner. A tap on my shoulder got my attention and I turned to the new kid. "You're Foxie?" He nodded and smiled.

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