To You My Love


1. To You My Love


                           I've liked you since the beginning of time but thou never noticed or perhaps thou did but never spoke upon it. Thou deceived me into thinking it wasn't thou but it was. Dost thou know I now know it was thee? My foolish lover, why do thee disregard my feelings towards thee. It been 2 years and we are the best of friends. But I crave more, I crave what I can't get. I'm deprived of your love. When I try to love else where it feels hollow and artificial. The one I lust after now is who I cannot get. For he loves another, as so do you. Why must it be me? What hast thou done to deserve such cruelty?! The day of love is coming. Shall I re-confess? Shall I conceal my feelings once more? Lover, tell me what dost thou want me to do? Shall I maintain out friendship? Of course I shall! Nothing more matter to me more than our friendship. I'm willing to help you through the thick and thin. I hope you are willing to do the same for me. I will be whatever you need me to be, that shoulder to lean on, the pillow to lay on, and the bowl to eat in. 



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