Have you ever felt alone in a sea of people

This story is about a young boy named Conner, his parents get divorced and he suffers from depression, Anixity, he becomes a mute, and is planted himself a seat in a mental institute. Enjoy the story.


4. The Day He Left Us

The next morning my mom came into my room around ten, I had been up all night.


Just waiting for her. She smiled down at me, I was on the floor with my legos. She sat next to me.


“What are you building Conner?” I opened my mouth to tell her ‘a car’,


but again nothing came out. She frowned at me, but said nothing.


She instead got up and left my room. Then my dad came in “Hey kiddo, get dressed, we leave for the airport in forty minutes.”


I frowned but said nothing. I grabbed a hoodie and some jeans, throwing them on I went down stairs for lunch.


I said nothing the whole time I ate, or in the car, or at the airport. My dad smiled at me, before going to his gate.


Leaving us at the door, I didn’t cry, nor did he. He seemed happy to be leaving us. Well my mother really. 

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