Have you ever felt alone in a sea of people

This story is about a young boy named Conner, his parents get divorced and he suffers from depression, Anixity, he becomes a mute, and is planted himself a seat in a mental institute. Enjoy the story.


1. My Eight Birthday

Walking in, I had no clue what I was in for. Walking out, I didn’t want to welcome the real world back into my life.


Before I turned eight years old, my life was perfect. I had a big house, a nice yard, a dog, two nice cars, and two wonderful parents.


Or so I thought. For my eight birthday I was expecting a ton of people. Loud music, A bunch of food, and a bouncy castle.


Instead I got one present from my dad and one from my mother. The rest of the day they were gone and I was stuck with my baby sitter Claire.


 I cried the hardest that day.When my parents got home, they handed me a piece of paper and went upstairs.


They had been fighting for a while. But I never knew they were wanting a divorce and now it was final.


 The paper they handed me was the divorce form, both their names were signed at the bottom.


There was another name printed neatly. The judge’s the one that divorced them. I pounded up the stairs in rage. Slamming my door behind me, I bawled on the floor.


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