Have you ever felt alone in a sea of people

This story is about a young boy named Conner, his parents get divorced and he suffers from depression, Anixity, he becomes a mute, and is planted himself a seat in a mental institute. Enjoy the story.


2. Life Without My Father

 That night my dad came into my bedroom with a suitcase and a plane ticket.


The words he said to me, hit me like fireworks exploding into the sky.


“Son, I’m moving to New York City, you and your mother will stay here in Kanas.


With out me.


My flight leaves at noon tomorrow. You will come with me to the airport you and your mother, to say goodbye?”


He slightly questioned it for a minute. He hugged me, but I pushed him away from me.


“Why, Why do you have to go? So far away from me. Why did you have to fight with mom. Why are you leaving me!”


I removed myself from him and out of my room. I sat outside of my house in the rain for three hours, staring hard at the ground trying to picture my life with out my dad. It was Awful.

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