Gone. No flash of bright light or screech. All the people over the age of 15. Poof! The FAYZ has repeated. But this time who knows how long it will go one

* if you recognize a name or shop it is purely to make the story more believable. Copyrighted so plz don't steal it. Michael grant wrote the first 6 books*
Hope u enjoy


1. The FAYZ

  ' You and me little Pete blaze of glory, blaze of glory'. Said Caine. Sam threw her book across the room,and then went to pick it up. no way in hell was Caine going to finally do the right thing and die for it. Why did Micheal Grant let her get so emotionally attached to this book Sam thought. Surely Caine wouldn't die? Nope. He died. Well fudge you Micheal Grant. She  will write a strongly worded letter to him explaining why Caine didn't have to die. She looked up from her book and saw that all the kids in the library were  staring  at her. The librarian Eden was walking over to her to ask what was wrong because tears were streaming down her face.

"Samantha? What's wrong" Eden nasked sitting beside her patting N

Sam's back 

"Well a person in my book just..." Eden's patting stoped as if she disappeared. Sam looked around. What. The. Fuck. Just. Happened. The  answer was clear. The FAYZ. Shit.  

She looked around to make sure. As expected all of her friends and her parents had disappeared along with everyone over the age of 15. 

Ok. Ok . Don't freak out. Don't freak out. She repeated in her head. 

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