Inventor's grandson

This is about a man who got taken then his aunt nine years later wants to take him back to his family

This is set in the time of the industrial revolution and this is my English/history exam


2. Part two

When we get on the train and find a empty compartment she shows me a newspaper article, photos of me, my mother, my father and grandfather which was the inventor of the cotton gin, Eli Whitney, When I read the article about me it was very upsetting she also showed me a photo of a house I barely remember 

                        Inventor's Grandson 26th of April 1894
        There have been reports of sightings the missing grandson of Mr. Eli Whitney who invented the cotton gin. Sgt. L.J. White has confirmed that, Oliver Eli Hollingsworth has been kidnapped after not being at his school for collection by his mother, Annabelle Hollingsworth she cries in horror "Who would do such a thing, I just want my baby boy home again," as her husband, Peter Hollingsworth he also did not wish to speck to us
After reading the article I remember the night it all happened I still cant believe it happened

I walk outside after another day of learning about mathematics, English and other subjects but as I walk out of the school gate not to see my mother or father and to see my uncle, Eric Whitney, he looked at me with a evil grin and said that sounded horrifying like a loin would speck to a lamb before killing it's prey 
"Your mother told me you could stay with me for a while," then he looked behind me then a sack went over my head.
After the train journey finishes we get into another car and was on our way again then she says in a whisper I just barely heard it 
"I never agreed for you to be taken away,"
"Wait...What?" I was really confused by now 
"Your uncle was the one who kidnapped you," I looked at her for a minute or two just to take in what she just said
"Wait so"
"Yes I am Oliver,"
"You and My uncle treated me as a slave for years!" I yell at her then I open the car door and jump out the rolled twice the stood up and dusted myself off then I was walking in the opposite direction in the background I hear my aunt calling my name out.

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