Inventor's grandson

This is about a man who got taken then his aunt nine years later wants to take him back to his family

This is set in the time of the industrial revolution and this is my English/history exam


3. Part three

I turn around and the car has been pulled over and my aunt is running towards me then she got to me and she looked tired from the run "Oliver we are almost there please get back in the car,"
"No I don't want to and why should I?" A few cars were going past us but I ignore them
"Well your uncle will find you and take you back to the factory and make you work for him again and would you want that and not see your mother and father again?"
I hesitate for a couple of minutes and think I'm almost home again, what's stopping me this time 
"Where's the house?"
"Over on that hill the large white house the same one I showed you in that picture," She pointed to a large white house over on the hill behind us 
I start to walk to the house I find the driveway and walk up there then I reach the front door then knock on the door 
"Can I help you?" A man answers the large door which looked heavy the man was wearing a suit and a top hat (the suit and hat was black) he also wore a monickal and in his right hand was pipe with was burning tobacco and it also smelt like mint
"I'm Oliver..."
I didn't get to finish introducing myself because the man was giving me a welcome home hug when he was finished he yelled out through the house his low voice echoing though it too  
"Mary come here quickly," then he went back to smoking his pipe
"That's your father," I hear a women's voice whisper in my ear I turn to see it was my aunt I just looked at her then I turn back around and see a new but no so new face in front this time with chocolate brown eyes like me and blonde hair too she was beautiful and she was identical to my aunt then she in braced me into a welcome home hug like my father did but hers was a lot more warm it felt so good then I hear a voice. 

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