Inventor's grandson

This is about a man who got taken then his aunt nine years later wants to take him back to his family

This is set in the time of the industrial revolution and this is my English/history exam


1. Part one

Once I got the letter from Mr. James Kelly requesting I do a article for his newspaper about my kidnapping when I was ten years of age and why my uncle took me away from my family so I wrote back to him.

Interview with Mr. Oliver Eli Hollingsworth  20th September 1899

 I am Oliver Eli Peter Hollingsworth. I am nineteen years of age. When I was five I was taken away from my family in Liverpool, England because my mother was too sick to look after me. I worked in one of the many cotton factories in Manchester, England, where I lived with my master and his wife. The hours are long, working for dawn to dusk, the money very little like the poor having little or no food. I only got ten shillings and three pence and the conditions were horrible like a volcano went off in the factory fifteen time. I heard a little five year old girl by the name of Luella Locksmith got trapped in one of the machines.  My job was to fix and restore the cotton gins; I was the only one who did that. It was about lunchtime when it all happened.

Bronte Whitney, my master's wife, walked in the room where I was working. She was so beautiful, her eyes blue like I imagine the sky would be, if the sky wasn’t crowded with thick, black smoke she wore a dark red dress which moved with her like silk in the wind as she walked. Her hair was a beautifully blonde which is tied up neatly not a strand out of place. She strutted over to me as fast as she could move over to me she looked like she running or was in a rush because of something but I don’t know why she is rushing but she is also being careful not to trip over the machines or get stuck in them as well 
"Finally I have found you, come on Oliver I need to talk to you right now,"
I am in shock by the fact that she actually knows my name because she has never called me but my given name before 
" ma'am,"
I packed my tools in my grandfather's old and tatted tool bag it feel like if you would put a feather on it, it would turn to dust for being so old then went to find Mrs. Whitney outside she was standing next to her husband's car then she laded her eyes on me it felt like a brick feel on me and she explained herself 
"I want to take you back to your family Oliver please let me do that Oliver?" She insisted 
" family is dead you and Mr. Whitney told me that," I sounded like I was about to cry 
"No their not Oliver," She explained ever so softly
"but...But...Why lie to me?...why did you and Mr. Whitney lie to me...for years," I felt like crying like a baby
"Because you knew too much for your age you were intelligent and my husband was jealous of that,"  
" am I too intelligent?"
"Because of the cotton gin!" She sounded annoyed like I was a little child refusing to do something then she continued 
"You saw the plans for the cotton gin and you understood them where no one else could Oliver not your father, not your uncle or your brother,"
"My uncle?" She has never mention I had a uncle before
"Come on we are wasting time here,"
"Fine," I snap at her
I get into the car which was behind her, I didn’t talk to her the whole way to the Grand England train station it looked bigger that the whole of England, I looked out at the road and the country side at the green trees and cows and sheep in the fields then we get to the train station she explains more.

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