Inventor's grandson

This is about a man who got taken then his aunt nine years later wants to take him back to his family

This is set in the time of the industrial revolution and this is my English/history exam


4. Part four

"Well Welcome home...again Oliver," then I hear slow clapping in the background, the voice was familiar and yet I all of a sudden knew who exactly who it was a man, a evil man, my master, my uncle, the man who made my life a living hell for nine years who now has my aunt by throat with one arm and has a knife in the other and is holding it to her throat I see the fear in her sky blue eyes and I know I have to do something 
"What do you want?" I demanded from him like a thief wanting someone's money 
"You of course Oliver this stupid women couldn’t give me what I wanted so I want you now," I look at my aunt and she is crying but I don’t know if it's horror or sadness and I don’t know if it's because she is being held against her will or the fact that she may never have children but either way she is crying
"Well your not going to having him again Eric, you took him once but not again," my father protests at the wicked man
"Well if I don’t get what I want, little innocent Bronte is going to get all of it," he smiled so wickedly at my father but not at me I look from my father to my mother and my father has his arms around my mother comforting her as she is cry just like my aunt in fear that she will lose her sister then I turn back to my uncle 
"I'm yours then," Everyone looked at me in shock but not saying a word then its my uncle who specks 
"What did you say?"
"I'm yours!" I scream at him like a lion roar over his kingdom so I know this time he would hear me he just smirked wickedly again then lets go of my aunt by shoving her to the ground then I look behind my uncle and see policemen then I punch my uncle square in the face and he falls to the ground then he gets back up and tries to hit me back but the policemen grab him and take him away as he is shouting threats but I don’t listen and I turn back to my mother, aunt and my father they all look at me and my mother throws herself at me into a hug and so do my aunt and father once again I feel at home.

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