Inventor's grandson

This is about a man who got taken then his aunt nine years later wants to take him back to his family

This is set in the time of the industrial revolution and this is my English/history exam


5. Part five

There is the story of how I found my family again but now I am a family man myself I love them too, I have a  beautiful daughter and a wife but I defiantly do not treat her like my uncle treated his wife after my uncle was hanged by the neck my aunt remarried a man Simon Petermans from Manchester he treats her a lot better than monster, she told me that she fell in love with him while she was married to 'that horrible man'.
My mother and father I think have been happier too, I met my older brother Alan, and his wife Mary, as well when he came home from the army and live has been better now I am running a repair business of my own teaching men how to fix the cotton gin and I am very happy.

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