Who am I?


1. What am I?

Look at me, do I look different?
Only you can tell me, but u never will
Nobody sees what I’m really like
Even the ones close to me is so far away
Locking myself in, not letting them see
You are who you are

Unaware of the feelings behind
No one will ever see the real me
And they won’t even question why
Indeed, this is tough, but it’s what I’m use to
Dead inside?
Even my family cannot see the real me
Do they even care?

Anybody who wants to be my friend?
Need of love
Do I ever find my way?

Looking sad all day, keeping me from the others
Only I can tell, why can’t they
Somebody needs to help me before it’s too late…
Tell me, what am I? If you look closely, I just did.

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