couch(,) baby

A collection of poems


2. there's this animal that keeps disappearing out of my sight and it drives me crazy

did you know

I live between

these two stages of


and absolute terror

I feel it most when I am cold

because it is too hot to ignore

my mother recently told me

I was incensitive to emotions

my own included

I call bullshit!

And smoke a cigarrette 

on top of the highest building

God, these views

a velvet sunset 

cascading down an appartement complex

like a crippled animal

licking wounds

limping for a while

then suddenly not

as the sun disappears

I realize

old men are like

young girls

who are like

the rest of the world

desperate for attention

for a while I believed

in God and that sadness was cold

I now believe in neither

real sadness boils

in the pit of your


real sadness rests

inside of you

real sadness dances

to this infinite jazz song

my dear,

you have it between your


I dream of aircondition in Heaven

and eating more

adopting a new feeling


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