couch(,) baby

A collection of poems


3. the ruler of a pocket of time

I'm not afraid to claim

that the importance of eternity

is hyped

and scares the shit out of me

so I buy those weird crackers

my mom used to get me

when I was younger

lock the doors

and build a blanket fort

nobody can touch me

in this childhood insanity

and time is always a

forbidden concept

so I ban it from my heart

and my livingroom

fuck digital watches!

fuck aging!

fuck forever!

in this instant

there is only these weird alternative sweets

and me

my private paradise of anachronism 

March was such a bitch but

I try not to think about

my grandmother in the hospital

my granddad in the grocery store

shopping for cereal and onions

I try not to think about it

the devil dances to

groovy hip hop

in a room without a ceiling and he always

wears flare pants and red heels

I try not to think about it

if I focus on my breathing

the world makes sense and I try

to think about that and suddenly

I excist

in a pocket of time

of which I rule


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