couch(,) baby

A collection of poems


1. couchbaby

I am a couch girl

which means I enjoy

simple things and laying

down forever

lovers in speedos

lemon in tea

you in me

I touch your nipple

you touch mine

move that cushion out of the way, baby

and come lay down

in the mud with me

baby monitors across galaxies 

television for ages

I watch everyone this way

the secret God of safety

I messed up a while ago

​but tryna make that shit right

dreaming of having this imaginary office

where I cure all sadness

and zip dresses

but ugh, I glued

my feet to the armrest of the sofa


keep forgetting to forget the true

horrors of the outside world

but in this position I relax

I stretch

I cry

I scream

I laugh


and the TV

is always on

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