Sunsets and swords

A princess has been kidnapped! Will the cinders burn again? (It's not a pets and animals book that's a glitch)


4. The prince

It had been two days since I had seen the freak prince but it had been to dark to read whatever he gave me and I was getting lonely. Even his company would be better than none. "I'm titanium" I sang, I had always liked singing. "Shoot me down, but I won't fall," I have to stay strong. " I'm titaaaniiiuum. Shoot me down but I won't fall, I'm titanium." I felt stronger. Suddenly I heard a door open, not very far off. "Hello? Who's there!" I was desperate for someone, another prisoner to talk to. "It's me." I heard the same freak prince's voice. " Oh." I said, giving a sigh. "I thought I was your favorite person!" He said, jokingly pretending to be offended. " your so immature!" I snapped. I was hungry after two days, and thirsty. "Well maybe I'll just leave then." He said shrugging. "No! Don't go!" I said, slapping my hand to my mouth. How did that slip out?! "What was that?" He said, walking slowly up to the cell. "Do you take care of your prisoners? I've been starving and thirsty for two days!" I say, hoping he hadn't heard what I said before. "Well, I'm not supposed to do this... he reached in his cape and took out an apple. "Is that poisoned..." I accused. I remember reading Snow White as a child. "No, and don't tell anyone I gave you it. Anyway, I gave you the document, what is your answer?" "It was to dark to read." I replied, slowly taking a bite of the apple. "Oh!" He said, slightly laughing and looking embarrassed. The freak prince held out his lantern. "Ms. Cinder," it read, "I, your new King, have decided to spare your life, however I may not be so quick to set you free. Be my slave, or you shall be put to death in a most gruesome and painful fashion, make your choice." I cringed at each word. I looked up at the prince. He looked sorry. He should be. "Well..." he started but I cut him off. " well what if I refuse to make a choice, and I stay in this dungeon for the rest of eternity?" I ask, a hint of anger in my voice. "Look up." He stated. I looked. Spikes, some with old blood stains. "They can crush you." He said. "Very slowly." I went and sat in the corner, not caring what was there anymore. Slow tears silently fell.

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