This is the story of my life. It includes poems, texts, and everything here is true.


1. 4th Grade

My story begins in my fourth grade year. It was my very first year at Martin City Elementary. I was late that first day, so my teacher (I can hardly remember her name) escorted me to the wildly decorated room. She told me to sit by a certain student, who later on became my best friend. Her name was Kayla. i remember the first words we spoke.

"Hi," she said, shyly. I replied with a loud "Hello!". Later that day, Kayla and I frolicked on the playground. I knew this was going to be a great friendship. But what I did not know was yet to come. The rest of the semester went smoothly; I made knew friends--and some enemies at that. But one day, Kayla told me something that would change my life forever.

"I am a lesbian, and I have a crush on you." Holy shit, mind blown. She was my best-est friend ever at that point, so of course i couldn't bear to hurt her. Then in that moment, she asked me out. Unable to say anything, I humbly nodded my head yes. But I like boys, I thought. Nonetheless, we were together. We kept it a secret, scared that people might judge us. We would hold hands on the carpet at reading time under a coat, thinking that we were fooling the others. But one day, she took me into the bathroom, and put her mouth on mine, and all hell broke loose. I caught feelings, and I certainly could taste the rainbow. I never really liked her, until that moment. 

Later on, she invited me to a sleepover. It was an after party of the birthday party. We played truth or dare with her cousins, and at bedtime, she told me that instead of sleeping on the couch that I could sleep in her bed. I knew what that meat. And despite my age, I was totally ready. We got into her queen sized bed, and turned on the television. We went to Netflix, and I distinctly remember the movie we watched. 'Cyberbully'. Kayla and I did not do much of what a adult would do, so in our 10 year old minds, we had "sex". Really all we did was kiss while taking turns dry humping each other.

Actually, now that I think about it, it was pretty funny how immature we were. We were convinced that we were bad asses. But we were just kids.


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