How Did I get Here

Jace, a 16 year old girl has depression so bad her parents put her in a psych ward. All she can think is How Did I Get Here, and will she make it out?


2. The beginning

"Sweetheart,come here please." My moms voice called, eerily calm. I slowly walk down the stairs, not sure whats happening. I walk into the living room and see my mom, and two men, one big and burly, the other tall and lanky. "Uh, mom?What's going on?" She takes a deep breath and calmly explains. "Honey. Ever since two months ago when you and Chase broke up, you have been acting different. You don't go out anymore,and you don't speak with your friends. Your always holed up in that room of yours. I think you are depressed. And you are always wearing long sleeves. That's why these men are here. Show me your arms and if they are clean,the men will go away. But if you show me your arms and there are cuts, I'm sorry but, you'll have to go with these men." My mom finishes her rant and stares at me expectantly, I hesitantly lift my sleeve, only a bit just so she can only see the first cut. Her face contorts and she breaks down. The men come toward me, and I don't even try to fight it, knowing I already lost.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The van is moving bumpily along the road as I am speeded to mercy mental health hospital. I don't bother looking at the scenery knowing it doesn't matter. I sit in the back, Strapped to a gurney while some medical  personal tries to talk to me about what I'm going through. I remain silent staring at my hands. He finally gives  up and leaves, letting me juust sit there and think. How did I get here? It's the only thing that goes through my mind as we up to the hospital."Welcome to your new life." One of the attendants said. I glare icily at the man and then am rolled into the building. I look up and can't help but gasp.

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