How Did I get Here

Jace, a 16 year old girl has depression so bad her parents put her in a psych ward. All she can think is How Did I Get Here, and will she make it out?


1. How It Started

In the beginning, I was normal. I had tons of friends and I went shopping every day. I had the best life. I had a boyfriend, and good grades. I was invited to party's and got wasted. All the time. It started when my parents got divorced. I just lost a bit of interest in things. Then I caught my best friend with my boyfriend.  And I stopped with love. I stopped with friends. I stopped with life. I heard rumors about when I ended things with Jason. Cropped pictures of me popped up on social media. And I just stopped caring. I wear my hoodie and always my earbuds. And that's how IT started.



Ok, so that was only the intro. Obviously the chapters will be longer. Please comment and like. Love you all!!

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