Random Writing

Just a compilation of writing I've made for my creative writing class.


1. Lost Forever (Short Story)

My back was pressed up against the rough bark of the tree, head buried in between my knees as tears streamed down my face soaking my shirt and the ground beneath me. I knew that if he was sill here with me he would know exactly what to do in a situation like this. We would be cuddled up under a mountain of fluffy blankets while watching the corniest movies imaginable, stuffing our face with anything junk food related even though we both knew we would regret it later.

I look down at the crumpled up picture in my hand, all of our happiest memories running through my mind. The tears start to flow faster as I remember the things I'm going to miss most about him. The way his hugs and cuddles brought me warmth and comfort when I felt defeated and alone. The way his soft, strong voice lulled me to sleep all those restless nights. The sweet scent that always seemed to calm me down that somehow clung to all his clothes. The way his soft blue eyes always emanated his sympathy, understanding, and compassion. And now...I have none of that.

I take one last look at the picture, the one we took a few weeks ago on the beach, laughing without a care in the world. I sniffle as I brought myself to my feet a few stray tears leaking out of my eyes. I walk over to his final resting place, put his picture by his grave, muttering one final goodbye before leaving my best friend for eternity.

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