Random Writing

Just a compilation of writing I've made for my creative writing class.


3. A Summer of 5 Seconds (Poem)

Adrenaline draped over the crowd

The tension rising rapidly

Anticipation flooded the air


Backstage, anxiety clung to every corner

Terror engulfing the four figures

Clutching onto their instruments relentlessly


Peeking out from behind the curtains

Thousands of screaming fans swarming the stage

The apprehension transformed into excitement instantaneously


The crowd grew more unruly as the seconds drew by

Churning itself into a ravenous lion

Waiting to pounce on its prey


Exhilaration rushed through their veins

Tempting them every waking moment

To bolt onto the stage


Soon enough their time came

Racing out to their respective places

And played until the final light dimmed

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