Truth or Die?

Ember is an ordinary Teenage girl who just wanted to have a sleepover. Except... not everything goes as plan, and some things turn out... deadly.
At age 11, she died. You may be wondering: How is she still alive?
Well, she was sent to Hell, for certain reasons; and she begged the Devil for a re-do. After thinking about it, He accepted the deal, but on one condition.
it's been 5 years, and the Devil has come back with one of his guards. And Ember is forced to choose, and kill one of the two boys she loves.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


   I slowly walked up the stairs to my house, dragging my hand across the railing, feeling it's cool, smooth texture. I got to the door and I put my hand on the knob, turning it and pushing. I walked into my house and I plopped down on my couch, slinging my sleepover-bag onto the floor in the process. I had just bought it at a nearby convenient store, along with some other supplies. It was my first sleepover without my parents home, my Mom and Dad are on a vacation to Hawaii because it's in Summer. They offered for me to go, and even though this was a one opportunity chance, I politely declined, knowing this was my chance to have a fun sleepover with no rules. So, I was excited. I stuffed everything in the bag in the parking lot when I got back in my car.

   I slump back into the couch cushions and I sigh. I glanced at the clock above my TV, 4:12... I still have two hours until everyone gets here, so I took that time to set up everything. I walked to the kitchen, opened a cabinet, grabbed chips, poured them into a bowl, grabbed some sodas from the fridge, put the bowl and the sodas on the coffee table in the middle of the living room, grabbed a notepad and I sat back down on the couch, writing ideas on what to do at the sleepover.

   This is ALSO the first time I'm having a sleepover with BOYS. So this is going to be... interesting. I'm mostly inviting boys this time because my parents aren't here to say no, and anyways, I don't think they would mind, the boys that I'm inviting are brothers and their parents happen to be very good friends with my parents. And their parents also are on vacation with mine. Remembering this, I smiled to myself. I glanced back at the clock, 6:24... I still had about 30 good minutes, so I took the remote, and turned on the TV. I watched an episode of my favorite Anime, Sword Art Online, and by the time I was done, it was about 6:34.. So I walked over to the door, opened it, and sat on one of my lawn chairs on the front porch. I wanted to greet them... uh.. "Properly". I wanted to see their car pull up.

   After about 5 minutes, I saw a Blue jeep pull up in the Driveway. I recognized the car right away, Isabelle! She hadn't gotten her drivers license yet, so her mom was driving her here. Isabelle clumsily opened the door and stumbled out, she waved to me and walked over to her mom's window, which she rolled down, and said goodbye, kissing her cheek, then walking over to me.

   "Hey Isabelle!" I greeted her cheerfully.

   "Hey Ember!" She smiled at me through her teeth, her eyes shining. "Is anyone else here yet?" She asked me, looking around.

   "Nope, you're the first one here."

   Hearing this, she smiled brighter and bigger. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go inside!"

   I shook my head, tsking playfully, "Nuh~uh~! We have to wait for the rest, formally."

   She raised an eyebrow, "Um, 'formally'?"


   She giggled, "Okay, well let's sit down."

   I nodded my head and just kept smiling at her like a doofus, "Now." She added hastily.

   "O-oh," I stutter, "Sorry, I'm just really excited to have this sleepover. My parents aren't here this time you know."

   Hearing this, her eyes widened, I hadn't exactly told her any of the details besides we were having a sleepover on a Tuesday. "Huh? Your parents aren't here?"

   "Nope, they're on a Vacation."

   "Where?" She asked.

   "In Hawaii."

   "What?!" She shrieked, "And they just left you? By yourself? While they we're having the time of their life?"

   "They asked me-" I started before quickly being cut off by Izzy.

   "And they still left you?" She asked irritatedly. "Ugh, the nerve."

   I shook my head, "No- um.. they asked me, but I said no."

   "You.. what?!" She uttered in shock.

   "I knew this would be a good time to have a sleepover with no rules. So, I. said. no." I repeated.

   She stared at me in disbelief, took a deep breath and asked, "Well, what else can we do since your parents aren't here?" She smiled evilly.

   "Well," I said, seeing a car pull up, "I have a few things in mind." I directed my gaze towards the boys car, Dominic coming out of the Driver's seat, and Dustin coming out of the Passenger's.

   She followed my line of gaze and she saw the boys, and quickly whispered something to me, "W-what? B-boys? I t-though... that it was just going to be girls.. You know," She sighed, glancing back at the brothers that were now on the steps, getting closer to us each second. "You, Emily, and I."

   I sighed, "I know, but I wanted to do something interesting this time."

   By the time our 'Whisper session' was over, the boys had made it up to us. I studied them, I hadn't seen them since last semester and they had already changed a little bit. Dominic, the quiet one, has dark brown hair and Deep blue eyes. Dustin, the Energetic and funny one, had light brown hair, and green eyes.

   Izzy, has dark brown hair that flows to her collar bone, and she has Hazel eyes. We look the same, except I have brown eyes, not Hazel.

   "Hey guys," I greeted them.

   "Hey Ember!" Dustin greeted back.

   "Hey." Dominic mumbled, looking around. "Cool place.."

   "Hey, guys," Izzy repeated after me.

   I glanced at her and briefly saw her smiling at Dominic. I guess feelings change, I shrugged inwardly.

   "Well," Isabelle said, directing her gaze to everyone instead of at Dominic. "Let's sit down and wait." She hesitated before she said, " 'Formally'."

   I laughed at her sarcasm and sat down on the chair behind me. Izzy did the same, leaving Dominic and Dustin with no chairs. "Sorry," I said, "Maybe you should have been the last people here."

   Dustin laughed, Dominic just chuckled deeply. Satisfied I got a laugh out Dom, I relaxed into my chair, while they just stood around awkwardly. Dustin sat on the railing of my front porch, while Dominic leaned on it.

   A few minutes later, Emily's car pulled up. "Awe," Izzy sighed, "Am I the only one without a License or car?"

   I nodded, laughing softly. "I guess so."

   Emily ran up to us, carrying her bag of supplies that she packed 'oh ever so carefully' (Because she's kind of OCD).

   "Hey Em!" Izzy greeted her.

   "Hey Emily." I also greeted her.

   "Heeeeelloooo person I know." Dustin laughed at his own joke, while the rest of us just stood look at him with our eyebrows raised.

   He stopped laughing. Dominic gave a slight nod of his head towards Emily. Dustin noticed and said, "What? I can't be funny? Okay... well then..." He clears his throat and nods his head, "Hphm"-ing in the process. "Would you like me better If I were Dominic?" Now, that was funny. I started laughing and so did everyone else, but Dominic just sighed and looked off into the distance.

   I could hear him in my head, mocking us, Ugh, Children, all of you.


   "Okay," I said, calming down a bit, "Let's go inside."




   When we walked inside and right away everyone plopped down on to my couch, they were a little bit squished together, so I sat on my grandfather's old rocking chair. Rocking it slowly back and forth, Sword Art Online was still on, so we watched a few episodes of that, with Emily commenting about everything that happened, making jokes and stuff, she's good at that.

   "Okay guys," I said when the episode was done, "Let's play a game."

   "OoooooOo~!" Emily screeched. "Let's play Truth or Dare!"


   And those 5 words. Five words. Changed us. It changed us all. For good.

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