The Green Hill Manor Mystery fanfiction

A girl named Sarah Sharpe captures Team Sescape (Shara Shinnok, Mara Llewellyn, Stuart Greer, Irene Haughton, Pearl Tanner, Tara Schindler, and Marie Lewis) and locks them in a cage in her basement. There, she forces them to listen to the fanfiction that she wrote about them.


1. The Kidnapping of Team Sescape

As we all know, Team Sescape is a group of teenagers who decided to become superheroes and help their fellow students stand up to bullies and unfair school rules. The group consisted of Shara Shinnok, Mara Llewellyn, Stuart Greer, Irene Haughton, Pearl Tanner, Tara Schindler, and Marie Lewis, better known as Scarlet Dusk (Irene), Emerald Snow (Shara), Stardancer (Marie), Chenglei Lew (Stuart), Aleine Dewspell (Tara), Piari Zuzon (Pearl), and Eraenas Lunatree (Mara). The group decided to stop bullies and help students after the Upright Students Brigade unleashed a series of unfair rules upon Harrison Creek High School.

Unfortunately, the group wasn't popular with bullies, normal students, the Anti-Tanya Club, and the Upright Students Brigade; those groups had tried (and failed) to stop them on a number of occasions. Yet the teachers didn't know anythign about Team Sescape, and if they did, they didn't say anything. But nothing in the world had prepared the team for their latest mission.

"Well, looks like we've gotten ourselves into a fine mess of things," said Scarlet as she looked up and saw that the group was in a cage. "And I'm not even wearing my favorite outfit."

"Yeah, how did we even get here?" said Stardancer.

"Who knows?" said Emerald. "Probably a nefarious villain who wants to turn us into mincemeat."

"Or maybe it's one of those crazy fans who want to use us in one of their weird music videos," said Lunatree. "Who knows what's wrong with people these days."

Just then, a girl came into view. She had ash-gray eyes, wavy brown hair worn in a long braid, and light-colored skin. She wore a simple medium-length dusky rose dress with medium-length sleeves and a pair of lacy white shoes, over which she wore a black corset.

"Ok, who the heck is she?" said Aleine as the group stared at her.

"Who knows?" said Piari.

"Hello, Team Sescape," said the girl.

"Uh, hello?" said Chenglei. "Who are you and how did we get here?"

"My name is Sapphire Darkmoon and I'm your biggest fan," said Sapphire as she stared at the group.

"And why did you capture us?" Emerald snapped as Stardancer and Scarlet tried to restrain her.

"Well, since nobody cared about my stories and told me to stop writing them and get a boyfriend, I figured I force my favorite superheroes to listen to me read them stories," said Sapphire.

"So let me get this straight," said Lunatree. "you captured us and locked us in this cage because nobody wanted to listen to your stories about your favorite superheroes?"

"Wow, some people are so sad," said Piari.

"Sad indeed," said Lunatree. "They shouldn't dismiss anyone's genius because they don't like it."

"OK, Sapphire Darkmoon," said Aleine. "What stories do you have for us to read?"

"I have many stories," said Sapphire as she pulled out a huge crate filled with notebooks. "And since you're going to be here all weekend, I figured I'd keep you entertained by reading some of these stories."

"And you mean, you reading stories about us?" said Stardancer.

"Indeed," said Sapphire. "Shall we begin?"

"Oh boy, here we go," Chenglei moaned as Sapphire reached into a crate and opened the first notebook. This was going to be a long weekend. 

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