His Mistake

Amelia Genova falls in love with the richest man in America. They get married, months later, they're more in love than ever. But when false information gets out, Xavier files a divorce. Little does he know Amelia is pregnant. He divorces her in a blink of an eye.
Years later, they run into each other, Amelia tries to avoid Xavier, but Xavier notices his mistakes and tries to win her back and his daughter.


4. Three

 Amelia's Pov





I fell out of bed and landed on my back. I sat up, rubbing my eyes letting the sunlight hit my eyes, letting me know it's morning. Another day to start and end. I got up and went to the bathroom to do my business. After that I looked in the mirror and stared. Now, why was today so important? I stared and stared, then it finally clicked. I have my first photo shoot this afternoon, and I'm ugly as shit right now. 

I ran out and went to the girls room. I pulled open their curtains the sun shine through their room. "Rise and Shine monkeys! Time for school" they groaned. "Mommy, it's Saturday." Alexis mumbled. I stopped. "Saturday?" 

"Oh, sorry, babies." I closed the curtains and ran out to get ready. I was doing a photo shoot for a couple of hours with constantly changing clothes every ten minutes. I pulled on a white turtleneck sweater with black leggings to top it off black ankle boots. I fixed my hair and threw it into a ponytail. Did my basic make-up, mascara and eyeliner. Grabbed my EOS peppermint flavored.

I walked down stairs and made breakfast. Eggs, bacon, and toast with strawberry butter(A/N which is really good by the way guys, I'll put down the link to the website on a mumble).  I ate mine and left Alexis and Rylie's on plate with a glass of orange juice next to them. 

I grabbed my phone off the charger and called David. The phone ranged a couple of times but he finally answered. "Hey, baby." 

"Hi, um. Can you come by and watch the girls? I have to get to work" 

"What makes you think I don't have work today?" he said annoyed.

"If you don't want to watch them, I'll take them with me" I answered back. 

He sighed, "I have a meeting, in an hour. Find someone else to watch them, ok?" 

"Yea, yea. ok" 

"Love you"

I mumbled another ok and hunged up. I sighed. Who's going to watch the girls. I looked at the time and I have two more hours to show up. I looked through my contacts, Melissa is on vacation with her husband to the Bahamas. Ricky has his own photo shoot. Jessica is at work. Garry is married to Melissa which means he will be vacaying to the Bahamas as well. And Mamma is taking care of Aunt Judy. My last contact which I promised myself I would delete but was oh so busy to get a chance. I took a deep breath, and clicked call. 

It began ringing, then it was answered. 

"I thought I would never ee this number again"

"Yea, and I thought I was going to delete your number. But, I'm glad I didn't"

"Oh? Called me to give me another chance?" his voice, sounds so hopeful. 


"Then why-"

"I called to give you another chance to be a father to the twins today" 

"Really?" he sounds so happy. For some reason, my heart fluttered of that feeling of him being happy.

"Yea, I have a first photo shoot gig today, and David has a meeting, so he couldn't watch them, and everyone else is busy."

"So, I wasn't your first choice." 


"I'll be there soon"


" I Love you, Amelia"

I hunged up quickly after he said that. My heart was beating fast when I called him, but it's beating twice as fast when he said he loved me. I've never felt this way when David ever showed his affections towards me.

The door bell ringed and after a few minutes. I walked towards it and looked through the peephole. I opened it, in front of me stood a I just woke up Xavier. He still looks good with his ruffled up Saturday morning hair, wearing a white T-shirt, his muscles popping out a bit. 

I welcomed him in. "They're still asleep, but when it hits eleven thirty, wake them up. I have breakfast for them on the island counter.

"Make sure they brush and floss after they eat. They pick out what they want to wear. And whatever activities they want to do, is fine by me. As long there is adult supervision, and not illegal, and not inappropriate." 

"Amelia, I got this. They'll love me, just like you do." he said smirking. My face went red, "Just..... Just don't fuck this up." and I walked out.


Xavier's Pov.

I chuckled at her and watched her ass swing back and forth as she walked out.  I walked up stairs to find the girls room. I opened it saw a well decorated room. One bed on each side. A tv in the middle for both of them to watch. Two bean bag chairs in front of the tv. I watch them both sleep, until Rylie shot up with wide eyes. I jumped a little. Alexis soon woke up too, both staring up at me. 

"Why are you here?"

"Did mommy let you in?"

"Where's David?"

All these questions were flying at me like I knew all the answers. Well, I do know the answers. "Alexis, don't bother with him. It's obvious David couldn't make it, he was mommies last choice to take of us while she's at work." Rylie said, yawning. Rylie grabbed her sister's hand and they both walked out.

Alexis walked in a bathroom and closed it, hearing the lock a second after. Rylie stood in front of it glaring at me. "Why are you really here? Except for the part being our babysitter" for someone so small, she is smart. "I want to get to know you two better" I smiled at her. The toilet flushed, and the water started running. "You should know, that you missed our birthdays, and what it means to stick with people that you love, and that they love you." she said. The door opened, and out came Alexis and Rylie goes in. 

Alexis did they same as Rylie did. She stood in front of the door. But this time Alexis didn't glare at me, or throw any truths or facts at my face, she only smiled. "Don't worry about Rylie. She's actually happy you came back, but you know, she doesn't like sharing her feelings" the door opened revealing Rylie. Alexis grabbed her hand and walked down stairs to the kitchen. 

Both girls sat on the seats where the food sat on the counter and began eating. I stood there and watched them. They playfully poked each other a bit, but continued eating. When they finished they got up and took their plates to the dishwasher. Rinsed their cups out and sat them back on the counter. 

They ran back up giggling, probably at something Rylie said. Twenty minutes later they come back down in some day clothes. In their hands held nerf guns. 

"Rylie said this is step one for your punishment for hurting mommy." Alexis said, loading her gun up. 

"I have chapter two step one ready for you when we're done with this one" Rylie said loading her's up to. 

"You should know these hurt, trust me." Rylie smirked. 

Alexis looked at me with her blue eyes, "Run" I looked at them and smirked. I mean, how bad could it be?

They shrugged, and started shooting. When the first couple hit me it stung then it began to hurt. "Ah!Shit that hurt" I said said rubbing my arms and other body parts. 

Alexis gaps,"Rylie, that's one of the words mommy said not to use" 

"I know" Rylie raised her nerf gun. 

"Mommy said to never use that word" and she shot her last dart. It was aimed at my face and it landed on my lips. 

"We're telling mommy" they taunted and ran up stairs. Welp, now Amelia has another reason to yell at me.


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