His Mistake

Amelia Genova falls in love with the richest man in America. They get married, months later, they're more in love than ever. But when false information gets out, Xavier files a divorce. Little does he know Amelia is pregnant. He divorces her in a blink of an eye.
Years later, they run into each other, Amelia tries to avoid Xavier, but Xavier notices his mistakes and tries to win her back and his daughter.


11. Last Chapter

 Xavier's Pov


Amelia asked for a small wedding, her definition of small is totally different from mine. The music started playing and I turned to look to see Amelia walking down the aisle by her father and our daughters right in front throwing the flower pedals. 

I smiled when she finally got to me. My smile was wiped off my face as her father grabbed my collar and pulled me close to his face. 

"I didn't get a chance to kill you when you accused her of cheating, I was in prison. But hurt her again, I don't mind going back to prison."

"Paul! Behave, or continue to Mr. Blueballs." his face turned read and he let go of me, straightening my collar. 

"I got my eye on you boy"

I grabbed Amelia's hand and we faced the pastor. 

"We gather here today to celebrate the marriage of Amelia Gennova and Xavier Donovan........ Again."


I hope you guys liked it!

I have some news. There's going to be a sequel! And I've been doing to some thinking, and supernatural should be mixed into it. HELL YEA! I'll need your help to pick which ones I should do. 

Go to my profile and post a supernatural you want. So I know what you're talking about, just put


If someone has already posted a Supernatural that you choosed as well just comment on it saying 


I really hope you guys participate, and do this correctly. 


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