His Mistake

Amelia Genova falls in love with the richest man in America. They get married, months later, they're more in love than ever. But when false information gets out, Xavier files a divorce. Little does he know Amelia is pregnant. He divorces her in a blink of an eye.
Years later, they run into each other, Amelia tries to avoid Xavier, but Xavier notices his mistakes and tries to win her back and his daughter.


6. Five

  A/N So this chapter isn't going to be long. But there will be a sex scene at the end of it. Enjoy!

Xavier's Pov


"He proposed to me" she answered. Her voice quiet. She looked in shocked, upset, and confused. My expression can mirror my feelings. Jealousy, anger, anger, anger, jealousy. Just mostly anger. My hands is gripping the steering wheel tightly. 

"He proposed?" I felt her eyes on me, and it wasn't a glare. "You going to say yes?" I glanced at her quickly putting my eyes back on the road. 

"I- I don't know. I kinda liked what we had, I wasn't planning getting married to him" she started. I smirked, knowing she'll won't marry him. "But I was considering if he did propose and you didn't show up. He'll be a perfect father figure."  

I continued to smirk. "So you won't marry him, because I'm here?" I glanced at her again. She sighed, "God, that sounded wrong." 

"I meant that, since you're here, you can be the girl's father. They don't need two dads, who're straight." "Plus, I don't love him that much to commit a life time with him," she muttered.  definitely heard last part.

I turned into the driveway, turned off my headlights, and took out the keys. Amelia didn't move. So I sat there in quiet with her. I kept time, it's been twenty minutes now. 

"I want to try something" she whispered. I turned to look at her and ask her what, but before I could get the words out of my mouth, her lips were on mine. I immediately kissed her back, her hands searching through my hair, grabbing it. I pulled her closer and she ended on my lap. 

I deepened the kiss, asking for entrance, she refused. She continued to kiss me. My hands traveled from her hips toward her ass and gripped it. She gasped, and I took advantage of that and slipped my tongue inside her mouth, tasting every inch of the sweetness. She moaned. 

Amelia pulled back, gasping for air. Both of us breathing heavily. I looked at her and saw her have a small smile on her face. I grinned. I began to kiss her lips, "Do you" I kissed her nose, "know" I kissed her jaw. "How long" I kissed her neck. "I've waited for that" I sucked on her neck, making her moan softly. "hmm?" she still didn't answer. 

Her phone began ringing, she went to grab it, but I got to it first. The caller id said David. I answered.

"Hello?" Amelia mouthed. who is it? I shook my head at her.

"Who's this, and why do you have Amelia's phone?" he said angry. I decided to piss him off more. I sucked on Amelia neck on her sweet spot and moaned. 

"Is that her? What are you doing to her?" he said. He is now beyond pissed I think. I pulled away.

"Well, this is her ex-husband. And I'm pleasuring her the way you couldn't" and I hanged up on him. 

"Was that David?" she asked.

"Yea" I leaned in to kiss her again but she pulled away. 

"I can't believe you would stoop that low" she opened the car door and got out. I ran after closing my door. She opened the door tried to close but I got to it first. I closed it gently locking it. 

"Get out. I don't need you here now." I stepped closer to her, spinning her around so her back faced me and I held her like that. "Let go of me"

"You need to calm down" squirmed in my hold, her ass rubbing against my cock. "you need to stop rubbing your ass on me" 

I felt her smirking. "What? This?" she continued to do what she was doing. "You're going to regret it" I whispered in her ear. 

Boys and girls, here is a scene which I hope you won't be reading, but if you must, enjoy ;)

I reached my hand around her waist and pulled the hem of her dress up, revealing her laced underwear. I rubbed her clit through the fabric, and I still got a moan from her. I walked her to the couch and her down on her back. We stared at each other, then we grabbed each other hungrily kissing. 

pulled away and helped her with her dress, and I took off my own shirt. I grabbed one breast massaging it, while I sucked on her nipple on her other breasts. Amelia's hand was on my hard cock, rubbing through my jeans. I kissed her down her stomach and reached the the hem of her underwear.  I pulled it off and looked at her pussy. I spread her legs wider and my hand rubbing between her pussy lips.

"Wet already? Your wet for me baby?" my voice was husky. She moaned, "Yes" 

I slipped two finger at the same time in her pussy and started fingering her. "Fuck,your tight, like really tight" I smirked as I fingered her harder and faster, knowing she and David never had sex. I bent down and began licking her clit as I fingered her tight pussy. Her moans we getting louder by the minute.

I pulled my fingers out and sucked the juices from my fingers. Amelia pushed me onto my back and took my jeans and boxers off. She grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth. I groaned. I watched her head bobbed up and down. She licked the tip of my cock getting the pre-cum of it. 

I was about to cum but I want my sperm inside of her. I picked her up and ran upstairs to her bedroom and threw on the bed. I climbed over her and slid my cock in. I started out slow then picked up the pace. I looked at her face and saw she was staring at me. Our eyes met and I continued to thrust harder and faster. Her moans could be heard around the house. 

I know this sounds all lovey dovey crap, but this isn't just fucking Amelia, this making love to her.

I flipped us over so she can ride my cock. She bounced up down my shaft, mostly her breasts bounced in my face. I grabbed them and suck the nipples making her moan louder. 

As if she knew I was going to cumm she leaned forward and still riding me. "I want you to cum inside me." I smirked. I grabbed her hips and lifted mine to pound her pussy faster. Soon I started shooting my load inside of her. She sooned cummed also. 

She laid next to me, with me spooning her. "Good thing I'm on birth control" she chuckled. She's on what?


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