His Mistake

Amelia Genova falls in love with the richest man in America. They get married, months later, they're more in love than ever. But when false information gets out, Xavier files a divorce. Little does he know Amelia is pregnant. He divorces her in a blink of an eye.
Years later, they run into each other, Amelia tries to avoid Xavier, but Xavier notices his mistakes and tries to win her back and his daughter.


8. Author's Note

 Thank you guys so much for reading this story and commenting lovely thoughts. I've been trying to post chapters everyday and balancing studying and doing homework, but now I've finished everything for school. I passed my outlook exam so now I'm an MOS. My grades are up, and now I can spend my time with you guys and posting more chapters. 

I'm so glad that you enjoined this, and the book is coming to an end soon, so I've been thinking long and hard and I've come to a decision. Sequel. There will be a sequel and it's going to be great. I won't post it yet until I'm finished with this.

I love you guys, and hopefully you'll like the next few chapters. 

Your Queen,

 👑Xxlunax2 👑


PS. Next chapter will be posted tonight.  👑 👑 👑

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