DEADly Short Stories

Just random short stories


5. Winter Wonderland

Jack Frost's air nipped at my nose while walked through the blinding snow storm. The temperature seemed to dropped lower and lower and the snow was rising. With my short legs, i stomped down on the white ground, looking for something of warmth. My blood began to run cold and all of my body was numb and blue. The only thing i could hear was the sound for the wind brushing past my ears. All of my energy drained as I stopped to rest. My eyes started to droop and the sound went faint and then it stopped.


Two days later, a group of construction workers dug at the ground and found a frozen body of a little boy. The same little boy who ran from home in search of his mother's disappearance. What he didn't know was that his mother died the same way searching for her only son. The workers picked up the body and went to the cemetery. Many grave stones covered the ground, reminding people of their dead relatives or friends. They found the burial sight of Margret Windhowl, a mother to her only son, Jason. They dug her grave and open the coffin to find the frozen mother just a week before. They placed him in her arms and reburied them. 


I felt so warm and I have my mother beside me. I guess I did find her after all. 

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