DEADly Short Stories

Just random short stories


1. The Forest

I sat there, staring at the forest in front of me. The black shadows creeping around the trees, giving the illusion of creatures sneaking in the night. My legs felt like jello, shaking in fear to even thinking of going in there. I don’t understand why I agreed to play truth or dare, let alone going into the haunted forest of Greensdale for a ludicrous dare. They say the forest is where rituals held there, the spirits of those who did the ritual or was sacrificed in it.

                  I had tried to give a tirade, explaining how dangerous it was to even step foot in there. Now I’m here, at the edge with my deadly fate a few feet away. I heard the cultic spirits were very enmity about people, killing them to save their forest. Not even a priest would even dare to look inside for what lies in store. One priest in particular, Reverend Williams, says that the forest has so much sin, it’s like walking through Hell itself.

Like, I said, I listened to my friends and now I must complete the dare. The dare to spend ten minutes in the hellish place and come back out alive. I want to back out, but I seriously don’t need my friends to post pictures of me dancing with a mop around school. It will ruin my reputation…Not that I actually have a reputation, but still!

                  A loud clamor noise shouted through the woods. Now I defiantly need to kill my friends after this. I walked through the forest, a flashlight in my hand and a timer in my pocket. I stomped on sticks and leaves from the olden trees above. The moon shone through the canopy, giving me a little extra light.

                  Instead of thinking about my death, I decided to think about the rebuke would say to my friend, John, after this. The yelling, insulting him for nearly killing me. At least I hope a near death. About five minutes of walking, I made it to the heart of the forest, where the most satanic ritual was held. I heard small jeering from my left ear.

                  I turned and saw only shadows moving across the way. A phrase whispered in my ear, sending chills through my spine, ‘Puer Sacrificium, Puer Sacrificium, Puer Sacrificium’. Suddenly, an acrid smell of a rotting body flooded my nose. I shook my head to straighten my senses, I only became more nauseated. The words spoke louder, ‘Puer Sacrificium, Puer Sacrificium, Puer Sacrificium’.   “Stop, please!,” my voice quavered, I was too scared to move. It gotten very loud, like a crowd, ‘Puer Sacrificium, Puer Sacrificium, Puer Sacrificium’. The smell was unbearable, my sight became blurry, I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t speak. Then it stopped. I pulled out the timer to see one more minute.

                  I felt like it was a vicissitude silence. I felt something pierce my stomach. I look down to see an old rusty dagger through my stomach. I tried to pull it out, but it was stuck. I fell down and my vision was shifting between black and blurry. I was dragged by an unknown force to the center of the circle. Candles lit up in a position of a star. I looked up to see tall men with their eyes hidden by the black hood of their cloaks. I was even more scared then before by the menacing smiles across their faces.

                  I blacked out and hear the most chilling thing ever. They spoke ever so quietly, whispering in my ear, ‘Sacrifice the boy’.

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