DEADly Short Stories

Just random short stories


3. The Attic

It is so cold. The window is shut up here, and there is no way out. It is so dark, no light up here. Cobwebs all over and dust covers the chests up here. She never acknowledged me, needed me, wanted me. Once she married my dad, he never cared for me anymore. They locked me up in this attic and never realized how long I was up here with no food or water. The heat roasted me and the windows locked with no way out. I hear something! My father is coming up! After two long years, he is coming up to see me. "Oh my heavens!" "Dad, what’s wrong?" He couldn't hear me. He walked up to the attic, and walked towards the back of the room where I was. I was so relieved and ran towards him, only for him to walk right through me. I looked back and saw him crouched next to the chair I always sat in. There, a rotten body was sitting there. Her eyes closed and mouth open to show the rotten teeth inside. Flesh was decomposed and some hung on to the bones, rigid clothes cover the body.  "My darling." He picked up the body and walked out of the attic. I couldn't follow. I was, am, and forever will be stuck in my jail cell. The attic were I died.  


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