DEADly Short Stories

Just random short stories


2. My Name is Lucky

My name is Lucky. Why they call me Lucky is sample, I was once dead. My parents are Daisy and Louis Brown, the richest people in town. They loved me so much and cared for me very well. I lived in a huge house on the countryside. I loved to go outside and explore the forests. I love to read and write although, my work was never shown to anyone. I have a huge bedroom filled with flowers and crosses, dolls laid on shelves, pink walls and light blue carpet spread out win the room and blankets crocheted that covers my canopy bed. Life was swell and lively until one fateful day. I was running on the balcony, about thirty feet high, when I slipped on a rock. The pressure of my body slammed into the wooden rails and I fell. I landed on the concrete and blacked out. I woke up to my surrounding and found everything different. The sirens were going off, my parents were sobbing, I had no idea what happened. Then I looked down to see my body crippled underneath of me, blood poured out on the cement driveway. Tears welled in my eyes, and I started to cry and call for my parents. Unfortunately, they didn't hear me because my voice was never there. Nobody could see me, nobody could hear me, nobody knew I was there. I was dead on the ground once again. 

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