DEADly Short Stories

Just random short stories


4. Into the Woods

Into the Woods, Where the birds will sing. Where the sun will rise and where it sets. The star’s glitter in the sky and wolves howled the night tune. Into the wood, is a safe place to be, into the woods is where you will stay.


I’ve heard this song, more times than ever. It’s so accurate too, I have stayed here, and it’s not safe. Dangers lurk around every corner and no one way safe from their wrath. I would know, I live here. My home is the trees that grow tall, covering the light from above. Vines and flowers bloom all around. Green surrounded the forest like paint on a canvas. It’s large and very scary at night. The predators then start their midnight scavenge for food or blood. I was petrified at the movements that suddenly crossed my path. Now, I just walk with not footprints or sound. I can’t feel the night air, I also can’t feel heat, pain, emotion. I am just a dead being lurking in the woods all day. I try to warn people of the dangers but they never listen. All I am is just a ghost. A long, forgotten ghost.


Into the woods, where the moon reflects it light. Where the colorful flowers bloom and the vines climb up trees. Where the ones who live here, live in harmony. Into the woods is where everyone should come, where you will live your full life.

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