Selected journal entries from my crazy life


8. 8

May 20, 2015, Los Angeles CA

The only time I ever dropped acid for some reason I kept seeing circles or cycles in everything I thought of and by the end of my trip all I could think of is that everything comes full circle. Everything begins in the end and ends in the beginning. If the big bang theory is true than everything we know is cyclical or circular. A mass of condensed everything, shrinks and condenses until the pressure is to great and the condensed ball or sphere explodes and expands through well whatever naked space is and eventually stars are formed and planets orbit them and so on and so forth. Once the the universe expands to far, or is stretched to thin then it collapse's into it self like a ding star, and it shrinks and condenses and shrinks until the pressure is too great and it explodes than expands until it has stretched too thin and it then collpases into it self and starts again. Like taking a breath. Go ahead take a deep breath right now. If this is true then how many cycles have we gone through and what cycle are we now in? That is the riddle of a masterpiece. Its not the question of the chicken or egg but an understanding that circles are a masterpiece because they never start or finish. They end in the beginning and begin in the end. But, Im getting ahead of myself. Lets talk about the cycle we are in now, and everything we know of that is fact or at least excepted by most. Our sun is at the center of our orbital system. The earth travels around it in about 365 days. During that time the earth is also rotating on its own axes, creating night and day as well as tilting creating winter and summer. Earth has water. The sun heats the water and creates vapor or rain that falls on land and flows down, back into the ocean and then the sun heats it up and it becomes vapor and falls on land and flows eventually, back into the ocean. It begins in the end and ends in the beginning. It is a circle there for a masterpiece. You might be saying why is that a masterpiece? Because it is natural and made not by human but by.... I don’t know, nature so to speak. To me at least anything natural and not man made is a masterpiece. Did god create nature? Did nature create it self? We do not know but its perfect. It works. Perpetual motion. If you think about it there are no straight lines in nature. What about a tree or a bamboo shoot? Are they perfectly straight? Who's to say where they start or end? They are not circles as we perceive them but they are also most definitely not a straight line with a beginning or an end. You might say bullshit but think about it for a moment. Really think about it. The human body, a masterpiece, is also circular. Who is to say that the body starts at the big toe and ends at the top of the head? What’s up and what’s down? The body is a circle, once again not a circle as we perceive them but a line that connects to it self and has no beginning or end. Every thing natural is a masterpiece. I have been thinking about this a lot lately and how I could relate it to the arts. I, personally can perceive so many things as art but I'll just stick to the basics. Painting, or drawing or whatever you want to call it, I could not think of away to apply it to the circle theory. Can you? I just cannot see it and it gives me a much greater respect for painters. I envy there craft. It is something very hard to do, a masterpiece on a canvas. Music. Music, as we have learned form Pink Floyd, can use the circle theory. The albums that I have listened to from the floyd start as they end. Everything comes full circle. And of coarse the only other art I can apply it too, the reason Im sitting inside at a desk starring at the Hollywood hills through a window on a beautiful Southern California day, Writing. I have decided that I can use the circle theory in writing. My story will start in the end and end in the beginning. Now with the particular novel that I am trying to write, it will have to be adjusted somewhat, but I have basically been writing it with the circle theory. It will begin in the end and end in the beginning. Not just chronologically but also metaphorically. And don’t think that if you use the circle theory in writing that everything you write must chronologically and metaphorically begin in the end and end in the beginning. Some times they both will, some times one will, sometimes neither will. There are many other ways or methods to apply the circle theory in writing and there fore create a master piece that then gets printed on paper (the same substance you drop acid on) and paper is made from trees which start from a seed that grows into a tree and creates seeds and drops them and they get rained on, and rain as we know, is created by the sun which trees also require for life and the sun was (Im skipping many cycles because I NEED to get back to writing prose) essentially created from whatever the hell creates a sun, those materials are in the universe somewhere, and the universe is always expanding until it is stretched too thin and then it collapses into it self, and shrinks and condenses until it has condensed too much, and then it explodes.

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