Selected journal entries from my crazy life


6. 6

Wednesday, June 11, 2014, 11:42 am, Sacramento, CA

My sister called and woke me up around 9am. I was supposed to be at work at 8. My roommate is gone. She never came home last night. I need to take the trash out. I’ll do it eventually. Her cats are sitting at me feet as I write this begging to be fed. We have no cat food. There hungary. Im hungary. I have no food. I have no money. I have ambitions to go everywhere and see everything. Try new foods. But I cant. Its not yet noon, spring just ended, and its already sweltering with heat outside. California can be a terrible place to live sometimes. Just heat and sun. No action. I miss the dark clouds and heavy rains. I miss living in Lake Tahoe and waking up to 4 feet of fresh snow on the ground. I miss covering up in layers of clothing and wearing all black. Around 2 I will have to go to work, after just showering and sit in my car, with all the windows down because my AC is broken, in heavy California traffic, in the heat, sweating, like I do everyday, miserable. I want to be a writer but its hard when you can never crack a real smile or go around town to see beautiful things because there is none. It would be nice to walk around my neighborhood, but all I would see is more apartments and low income housing. Its to hot to walk around. If only I lived in Paris... I wish I knew other young writers or authors but I don’t. I should be writing my novel instead of this stupid.... whatever it is. The hunger pains are really getting to me. Maybe I’ll eat one of these damn cats at my feet. Thank god the world cup starts tomorrow. Its one thing to look forward too. ​

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