Selected journal entries from my crazy life


5. 5

March 26, 2014, Sacramento, CA, 8:10 pm

Im writing in black ink because Im having one of those days. A black day. A day with little or no human contact. A day I did not go outside. A day the sun didn’t shine upon my face. A day filled with unhealthy food and zero exercise. A day that tempted me to use heroin. A day with out weed. A day that should have been filled with chores, errands, and of corse work on my novel. I did nothing today. I did think. Days like these are usually filled with thoughts. Thoughts of how life goes by faster and faster each year. thoughts of how why Im over weight. Thoughts of how women aren’t as easy as they were in high school or only a year ago for that matter. Thoughts of that girl, the only I have met that I could spend the rest of my life with. Thoughts of her with her boyfriend and not me. Thoughts of how Im doing nothing with my life. Thoughts of my future. Thoughts of my demise. Thoughts of how long I will last like this. Thoughts of suicide. Thoughts of how I don’t have money for real drugs so I buy beer instead. At least I have beer today.​

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