Selected journal entries from my crazy life


2. 2

February 23, 2013, 3:10 pm, Lake Tahoe, CA

Where are you god? Are you there? Do you exist? Are you whispering yes in my ear? Then FUCKING show yourself! I know your not there. Not listening to all the suffering people, pleading for your help. You never help them. I know because you never help me. I stopped asking for your help a while ago now. I kept calling and calling and calling, but you never pick up or call back, like that girl I know. Your dead to me, both of you, and its sad because we were friends once. I want to believe but you make it hard. I should probably kill myself but if you don’t exist then Im in purgatory for all eternity. I guess I’ll take my chances here a little longer. Its becoming purgatory here as well. If I don’t find you or her soon I will forever be stuck in a catch-22 purgatory. ​

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