"Forever my love"

This story contains depression, drug use, and death if you can handle that kind of stuff here you go. Plz comment because I need 4 people to put in the story for the rest of the boys gf an one cheating gf for ash




I wanted to say this story is going to be really sad I will be in editing as much as I can plz comment like and favorite. I will try my best at articulating but don't judge me I'm not perfect.

(Start of the story)

Gracie: So today I found about some good&bad things about myself and my family. I have a rare deadly cancer. I am actually adopted. My biological father is a very well know serial killer (exciting). Anyways here are a few things about me.

1)I am in high school

2) I'm 18

3) I could die before the story is finished

4) I'm only writing this because my disease is rare

So with those four things I don't know how or when my life will end. I believe if I do live that will be a miracle or I just really don't want to die but I just have to go day by day. My friends told me the same thing "live each day as if it were your last".Thanks for the pep-talk and help so much hope now. Like come on.


So today a week later I saw my mom crying holding a picture of me and my step-dad he got killed two years after I moved to California with him and my mom we were close but I guess you should cherish every moment with your family because they can be gone in an instant in one blink of an eye. I really miss him and even though he and the rest of my siblings didn't have a great relationship they still feel bad I am the 2nd to oldest out of 5 kids you can only imagine the bills. Me and my mom have been struggling I bought her house saving all my money it's a nice house but me and my brother Michael Clifford help pay the bills. She can't work since she has "problems with her health" says the doctor. I love my mom but she uses that as an excuse which I hate because I can't say anything about it, nobody can.


Over the 4 weeks that I didn't write anything I met a boy we hung out but he's really cute but he's shy. His name is Ashton Fletcher Irwin. He's really nice but I didn't even tell him anything about me or my deadly disease it's not contagious but it can mess you up if you aren't going to make it. The doctor said since my body is younger it is my possible for me to fight it off that is only if god will make a miracle.


Gracie: I have to tell you something Ashton we started dating and I have not been a 100% honest with you.

Ashton: Okay?

Gracie: So it turns out I have a r-rare deadly cancer and I can only overcome it if god makes a miracle.

Ashton: Why didn't you tell me sooner? (*tear comes down his cheek)

Gracie: I was scared

Ashton: So I'm glad you told me now because you could've died and I never would of met you I know we've only been together a few months but I love you and I don't want to know something so serious when it could already be to late Grace!!!

Grace: I am so sorry that I tried to.....(*tears stream down her face) to spare your feelings I care about you and if god decides to take me in 5 minutes or tomorrow you probably even wouldn't have felt half as bad as you do now because you wouldn't understand how much it puts me through I tried to tell I promise but it was always a bad time.

Ashton: No it wasn't and if you thought I would've been mad when you could've told me whenever you found out or when we first met then you thought wrong I am mad because you waited to tell me when I could've lost you Grace.

Grace: I am sorry..... Ash.....

Ashton: (*softly sobs w/ his hands wiping his face) we're fighting right now when I am crazy mad but I'm still here I will always be here for you no matter what, what does that tell you?

Gracie: that I'm crazy thinking you would understand it hurt finding out but it hurts more telling you and then you yelling at me.

Ashton: I'm not yell.... Okay I'm yelling but I'm yelling because I love you. I'm sorry

Grace: (*hugs him and pulls him in for a kiss) you know if I die today I will die happy. (*falls to the floor)

Ashton:(*smiles) I'm glad because...... Grace?!!?.... Grace?!!?(*dials 911)

~skip doctor~

Ashton: is she okay?

Doctor: yes she just forgot to take her pill for every 3 1/2 hours

Ashton: oh thank The Lord

Doc: she can go home today just make sure she stays in bed an hour longer we gave her her pill about two hours ago do wait exactly 150 minutes till the next one

Ashton: okay.....

~blah blah blah boring doctor talk~

Ash: hey Grace are you okay?

Grace: yes wait where am I? What happened?

Ashton: you passed out and we are going to your house to drop you off. Here take this pill in 2 more minutes.

Grace: why 2 minutes?

Ash: your doctor said boring crap but now you can take it

~meanwhile and at her house~

~ash tell her mom what happened she cries and so on and so forth~


Phone call to ash from grace but it's her mom a month later

M: hello Ashton

A: hello what's up

M: Grace passes away about 5 minutes ago she left a box for you if you want to come and get it and say your goodbyes

~ash skip to house~

Ash:(*walks in crying)

Mom: she's upstairs (*hugs ash) I just want you to know she really did love you and I don't know what happened but I know you meant well you are amazing you saved her life multiple times and you treated her well.

Ash:(*starts heading upstairs)

Mom: the box is in her bed

Ash: thanks

~to her room~

Ash:(*opens the box)

Things in there include:

Pictures of when they first met, the dates they went on there first kiss and a letter that reads.......

Dear Ash,

If you're reading this I'm probably dead. When I first met you I felt butterflies and said to myself I like him so much. We got Si far in love but apparently it was my time to go. Thank you got every amazing thing you've done. I will love you. Forever my love.



P.S there's a ring with the date when we first met engraved on it I will always love you never forget that I'm always with you forever in your heart.

There will be a sequel called Almost but not close enough

Comment because I need 3 girls for cal Luke and mike and 1 that hits on ash I can't give away why but just comment okay love ya

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