Ian, the boy who dreamt.

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  • Published: 21 Mar 2017
  • Updated: 21 Mar 2017
  • Status: Complete
Ian, the boy who had a really bad incident and now had weirdly long dreams.



It was an atramentous stormy day. The wind was tenacious, the golden leaves were falling down with to the wet, algid dirt. People were marching in front of little Ian’s window under their dark umbrellas. Ian is a special boy with a lot of friends, he is into doing YouTube and actually is successful. At this depressive weather Ian was calmly sitting at home rendering another video for his channel. When suddenly there was a strident grungy noise from the outside. Next moment, a huge tree falls through Ian’s window, the floor in the house starts shaking and cracking, when Ian just decided to stand up on his bed to get away from the gaps appearing one after another. All the lights in his room switched off, he had a huge hole in his floor and a tree on fire lying down stairs. Ian was alone then. It was only him. Grey walls. And a terrifying hole in the floor.


Ian woke up in the hospital at the unknown time. He could not remember anything that happened to him, not anything about why he is in the hospital nor what happened to him in his life before. He even forgot his own name. He got up and looked on his side. There was a stranger sitting in the dark corner of the room and ghastly looking at Ian. The stranger asked – “ Hey, you can call me Gunter, I am your new friend, what’s up? The stranger had a very deep voice and  a creepy way of talking. Who does this? You can not just come in other people’s hospital rooms and telling them that you are their new friend, this is creepy and possibly even illegal. “Hey, I am better then ever, thanks, I am a bit bamboozled though, I don’t think I remember anything, can you tell who am I and why am I in the hospital?” – asked Ian. “ Well, you will have to do it yourself and I can not help you with anything, you do not know me, I do know you better then anyone can know someone, but I feel like it is you who is supposed to decide who you are” – Gunter answered. Ian’s eyes became ill-lit and he fell asleep, it felt like years for him when he was sleeping, his dreams were very realistic and it felt like he could sense every single motion, smell, pain. He woke up, but Gunter was not there anymore. Ian kept staying in a hospital for a few more weeks, all the doctors and nurses were nice to him. He was just living his life, nobody ever came to him, and the last time someone visited him was the time with Gunter. Doctors diagnosed him with amnesia and paralyzed full body. Everything he was doing was watching all the TV-shows that entertained him a lot, his favorite show was Game of Thrones. Ian had a very weird sleeping problem, he was sleeping for a really long time, sometimes it got up to 2-3 days of sleeping. But this one time his dream went for longer then ever.


Ian found oneself in a big, pale room, there was docile, pacific wind blowing in his face, he did not know who he is, where he is, and why he is there. Every single dream of his started like this he lives the new life, and he could do basically everything in there. Every time he could create a new world for himself in his dream. This time he decided to go with a life of a knight, he thought of a world he wanted to live in. He decided to make something ancient, something like a Game of Thrones styled world, with kingdoms and kings, magicians and knights, dragons and wars. He made his world perfect. He had brave Kings fighting each other for the throne and the lands. Ian himself was an almighty king of his kingdom, he was assertive, intrepid and sometimes flamboyant. He never lost a war, was always fighting his brazen enemies without ant fear to die, and was taking part in the fights himself. He had a huge castle which was shining with it’s jewelry stones every time it was the sunset you could see the castle turning red as if it was setting on fire. Ian knew that this was going to end one day, he knew it was just another illusion, he could not be happy. But Ian never woke up and lived his life being sad, he died in the battle for his castle, when all the kings made an alliance against him, he  dies protecting throne.


Ian never woke up as he was sleeping for too long, he was In his dream for over 7 month, and the machine that kept him alive was turned off. Ian died not knowing that he did, he kept living in his dream thinking that one day he is going to wake up. He had a pointless live in real live, but his dreams were about something more.

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