Konkurrence bidrag: Skønheden og udyret.

Bidrag til konkurrence "Skønheden og udyret!", i form af et digt.
Genren er skrevet ud fra tredje mulighed, som er følgende
- "Skriv en movella om at elske nogen trods deres fejl. Om det er en selv eller en anden må du selv om."


1. Skønheden og udyret, digt

 When I try my best, but I don't succeed,

that's when the tears come and I start to bleed.

I try so hard, every day

Sometimes I fail, is that okay?

Hold me tight, and let me cry

and please, never say goodbye.


I don't want to be this man, who can't stand on his own feet,

but I'm broken, and I haven't got the love I need.

I don't have a near friend to call,

so it will hurt when I fall.

I'm all alone in my mind,

so please, just be kind.


But, oh look, a mirror,

I see myself a little clearer. 

The tears are gone, 

and I get to move on. 

But it is not myself I see, 

it's not just myself and me.


My soul and appearance is shown,

 and my head is blown. 

The mirror I see is not an item,

it's a reflection from her. 

I found my true love, who can be there,

for me, whenever and everywhere. 


Because of her, I learned to love,

and my thoughts, I finally can let go of. 

Because I see my true self in her eyes, 

and I see that I one day could be her sunrise. 

Sometimes it only takes one person, 

to show you who you are, and give you something to believe in. 



- Dette er mit bidrag til digtet, udelukkende skrevet af mig selv og ikke publiceret andre steder. 

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