The Book of Fate

Two People.
Two Worlds.
One Book.

The Great Storyteller has one of the biggest creations in mind that the universe would ever witness since its beginning. But worlds apart they stand on a wobbling ground, and find each other's supporting hands...

Everything is written by The Storyteller and everything would end with the tip of his pen. How would this story end?


1. Prologue

Worlds twirl around each other, numerous universes all mingling around the white heat that is the cauldron for the creation of new worlds. Each world inside its bubble, protected from others. Each sphere independent of each other gliding through the heavens on its single purpose.  

Occasionally the worlds would collide with each other, their safe and secure environments mingling and merging to create new bodies which erupt from the cauldron at the centre. The worlds are fragile, need caring for, need succour. They need  care at times, demand attention as a small child craves the affections of those older and wiser than themselves.  

Some worlds blink out, like a light being turned off. War and turmoil has raged across it's surface turning fertile and prosperous places into barren rock strewn wastelands. World now cold and without life. Others prosper and are beautiful places to live, happiness abounds and everything is sweetness and light. These are both extremes. Usually in spite of coaxing the worlds achieve those half way points between happiness and sadness in equal shares.  

The Great Storyteller sighs, looking out at the myriad of worlds below. One world blinked out whilst from the furnace erupts a new fragile world. From death comes life, the cycle of the centuries. Pulling away from the window the Great Storyteller sits down at an ornate wooden desk. Carved thousands of years ago from the trunk of an ancient oak tree it bore its years of use regally. Patina making the antique part of the room.  

From a drawer a new leather bound book is produced. The leather tactile in the hands, demanding to be caressed. Bold gold block letters embossed on the surface bear the name 'The Book of Fate'. Pen in hand, the Great Storyteller opens the book, dipping a pen in an enormous inkwell before starting to write on the vellum pages.  

Writing with purpose... 


The words are meant to change lives... 

Change worlds...

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