The Book of Fate

Two People.
Two Worlds.
One Book.

The Great Storyteller has one of the biggest creations in mind that the universe would ever witness since its beginning. But worlds apart they stand on a wobbling ground, and find each other's supporting hands...

Everything is written by The Storyteller and everything would end with the tip of his pen. How would this story end?


4. Dreamland

Sleep comes without knowing, without thought. One minute in the land of reality, the next plunged into the world of dreams. A world were everything is possible and impossible, a world where our minds are expanded, fantasies acted out. A world where we have no control over what we do or encounter. Sometimes good, happy occasions lift our time in dreamland whilst others contain dark desolate worlds, places where we long to get out of, waking screaming into the darkness.

At the time we dream, we're unaware that the dream is fantasy. It feels real, you can experience smells, tastes, sensations, horror, fear. All without leaving the mind or bed. Sometimes you see things that make you question where you are, question your reality. Most times it isn't until you wake that the dream is exposed to be just a product of your unsleeping subconscious.

Tonight sleep comes as I read the book. It falls to my chest, although I'm not aware. Blackness and the void take the place of lightness. No feels, no sensations. Then there's a blinding light and the black disappeared and I'm right in this place. 

The first thing I notice is the colours, wow, and they are so bright. Reds, yellows, oranges and a wonderful blue that is so deep and vibrant it looks like alive. Then the smell hits me, spices, food cooking and a floral scent. Anyone on its own is a heavenly aroma but mixed together its intoxicating, filling my lungs. It was nothing like my city where smell was carefully controlled. 

A man with stark white hair on his head and contrasting black moustaches, crouching, looks down on me.

“Ma'am? Ma'am? Can you hear me? Ma'am, please respond,” he says in his calm gruff voice. He is pale, paler than anyone I have ever seen. His eyes are grey like the sky right behind his head, crinkles tracing the corner of his eyes like they do when someone laughs. I have never seen anyone like him.


As my vision clears, I see heads appearing in front of my eyes, a wall of pale people surrounds me, everyone bent over, looking at me. I feel my fingers on a soft, rough ground beside me, and sit up trying to take in the surroundings through the pinhole gaps between the crowd.

“A'right ma'am, you feelin' okay?”

I fall to the floor, hit in the back by someone pushing through the crowd. I'm in the middle of a market and in the way. Picking myself up I move through the stalls looking at the food on sale. Bright yellow vegetables, red peppers and some roots I don't even know the name of. Nothing like the stuff we get out of the replicator, this was real food. I stroke a shiny pepper, feeling its skin squeaky against my fingers. 

"Don't touch unless you buy" The woman behind the store says. I understand every word, although my brain tries to tell me I shouldn't. Smiling I move on down the market. 

The noise cuts through and the full all round experience hits my ears for the first time. Its like someone turned my earphones up to eleven. Shouting, different voices, screeching of animals. I feel faint. The heat hits my face. Heat like nothing in my life. A dry heat that sweeps over you raising the temperature suddenly. I struggle to breath. Th noise and heat are too much. 

The people are wearing odd outfits, each one of them is a distasteful, brighter shade than sun, a perfect eyesore. Blue eyes, green eyes, grey eyes, brown eyes stare... At me. They look strange, completely out of the world.

The moustache man sighs and reaches out into his pocket. “You have to stay still. Stay. Still,” he says slowly, speaking every syllable clearly. But the way he says it sounds strange... His lips don't synch with the words, it sounds almost fake... This can't be possible. I'm being delirious.

Then he flashes a big ball of light into my eyes. I grab his shoulders and knee his ribs in one move. The white ball drops to the ground and warps itself into a long stick, just like the palace guard's sceptre!

I run through the crowds towards an alleyway. Ducking inside its cooler and no noise. Where am I? I look back and see the market place. It looks familiar as if I've seen it somewhere. I shake my head and wander away from the market square. It's dusty and my eyes aren't really picking up much. I sense something down the road. Something I need to reach.

I push on down small alleyway after alleyway guided by some force. White sided buildings each side of me. I'm drawn towards a place, inexplicitly. I break out of the town streets to a plain. Sand covers the ground. In the distance I can see my town. eagles flying over the towers. It shimmers in the distance like an fake oasis in the desert. In front of it is a girl. 

“Rahbia? Rahbia!” Not one face is recognisable, my head hurts turning around, checking again and again for Rahbia's face.

“Look at her dress, mum! Is it Halloween?” A tiny pale boy in a bright red colourful torso wear and tight lowers points his finger at me.

I hear whispers around me. I can't take this any longer. They know I am the princess.

I push through the crowd and run with all the energy left in me. And surprisingly, strength and power tingles my muscles. I pump my arms faster and run as fast as I can. The air feels damp and cold, and I shiver as the cool wind collides against me as I run. There are no markets here, no stalls, only tall grey and silver structures touching the sky, something our magic hasn't allowed us to do. Walls, so many walls it's suffocating.

I stop. Of course this isn't my Kingdom. But this Kingdom isn't like any Kingdom I have ever been to.

Large metal boxes of incomprehensible shapes fly above my head with people inside it like a which flies on her broom. The walls change colours and large people and pictures appear on it...  Something like a screen that the witches create where they watch mopics that is moving pictures.

This Kingdom has an advanced knowledge of magic. Mum wouldn't be pleased... Unless this is somewhere they use dark arts to keep everything up to date... But how did I get here?

Suddenly a heaviness dawns upon my chest as I look everywhere and find no signs of similarity. There is no place near our Kingdom which looks like this, I have been to every one of them, and there are no signs of pale people speaking odd languages and flying metal transportations anywhere.

Dressed in the costume of this town, she stands with her back to me looking at my town. I watch her shake her head and turn towards me. She smiles at me, a coy smile that fills my heart with joy. I realise she's the person I've been looking for, what I've been drawn towards. I reach my hand out wo be. My heart races as I get closer. The ground starts to move beneath my feet. The two different towns appear to be morphing together. I reach out my hand for the girl, she's worried. I can sense she feels the mingling of the worlds that I am. 

But I don't feel lost. I feel as if this is something I see everyday in my life. Nothing feels unfamiliar except for the faces and their attires. I think, I don't know why I think, that I have seen this before when I know I don't. But I know this place. Yes, I know it. All my doubts and worries disappear in a snap.

Just then, I turn around and see it. It's a bit away but not far. It's my Kingdom. The same streets and stalls are there with squabbling witches and their husbands and annoyed vendors. In the middle of it all, I see him.

Between all those black hatted witches and cloaked villagers, there is one man who stands there, wearing the same attire as the others where I stand. We both are the odds in the norm but a norm in our hearts. I could heart it speak, and hear it scream, hear our hearts knock against the gateways to our chests. I can feel him inside my head, inside my heart... This is magic that I never felt before. Not even the magnetic pull that is dragging my feet towards his direction.

My feet start trembling, but then it isn't my feet but the ground itself, trembling and shivering like catching a cold. A tickle runs up and down my muscles and I want to move closer and closer to the point where the colours of the kingdoms merge together- the grey, bright, playful colours and black and white and blue. The line dividing the places is a haze. The smudged divisions let the colours leak into the other side.

Earth falls beneath my feet. I see the strange town falling away from me. The girl reaches out. 

"Who are you" I cry as the town and her fall further away.

Screaming I fall backwards hitting the ground with a jolt. Still screaming I sit up. I'm in my bed at home, the Book of Fate on my chest. The door opens.

"Tom are you OK," mum asks.


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