Just Some Thoughts

This "book" so to speak, is a collection of poetry, prose, and philosophical writings that I find myself writing time and time again. It's going to be updated constantly with new ideas to present, so this is meant to be a great read for open minds and free spirits.


3. Streetlight Hero

We're the ones they make fun of, the ones they think are strange. 

We're the "ignoramus," the rumor whispered out of range.

We're the ones with failing grades, the over-achievers too.

We're the wildfires, the things they'd never do.

We're too much to handle, the ones they never see.

We're the ones who fight for change, the ones they'd never be.

We're sailing the skies, the children who never grew.

We came from the Streetlights, the Heroes they never knew.  

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