Dearly Beloved (BTS Vampire!AU)

Areum Seonu has only known one thing since birth; To hunt vampires. But she questions everything she's ever done and everyone she's ever known when she meets Bangtan. It was the game of Cat and mouse for Centuries; The hunters taught each other the trade. And The Vampires? Some would fight and some would flee. Simple, Yeah? What was it in the Modern Times that could ruin that you may ask? A pair silver eyes and a head of curls.


1. Cast




Areum was to believe she was 'rescued' By Her father, Kang during a Raid where The 'Shtriga ' Vampires where Sacrificing Human children to their blood banks. The only thing that hasn't been explained to her is her silver eyes. Kang adopted her, Seeing her potential, making her one of the next in lines after her brother To be head Hunter. Alongside her brother. Sweet, Yet sassy and fierce. She's a skilled tracker who's got about 150 Kills on her.



Kang Seonu 

Areum's Adoptive father. He told her that she was one of the lucky ones he rescued during a raid in a Vampire nest. His father is a retired head Hunter. Making him a chief. He's got about 650 under his belt


Jiho Seonu

Areum's brother. When His father steps down he will be the next in line for Chief. His main thing is to protect his sister. He's more likely to kill in a more Humane way. And Not sadistically like his best friend. Making him have just under 75 kills under the belt.


Kwon Jiyoung (Because it's not a dramatic ass vampire story without him.)

Areum's Intended, Yep. Intended from a brother group of hunters. He Is Jiho's sadistic best friend. Who has more fun in killing Demons than he should. He has a blood stone for unknown reasons. In his clan, He's got 924 kills under his belt. He's cruel. cold and selective and whether he actually cares about Areum is beyond her knowledge (He does, BTW.)


Those are the humans and Human spectacles that matter. onto the Vampires.

Kim Namjoon

Like the leader Of Bangtan, He's the leader of His brood of Vampires. Died an Untimely death and played the 'Human game' for so long he knows how to even mimic their breathing and sickness symptoms. He's 222 years young. He's feisty. But Kind. Aside from Intelligence He's got Remote Viewing: The ability to mentally view a distant unseen target.


He's 224, Jin was a nomad who lost most of his family during a raid and stayed safe being a Farmer for a family In Europe. where he learned to carefully feed on their cattle without making them sick or killing them. Ironically enough. He hates violence and his sense of Family is what drove him to stick by Namjoon. But he acts more like his father than his friend at times. He's a tracker and a healer.


Park Jimin 

Not Totally new, Jimin was the son of an Aristocrat And ran away after he was changed, he even staged his own murder so they wouldn't send a search party after him. He lived alone, from time to time killing people 'Who only deserved it.' and stealing from blood banks. Suga found him, and told him. ''Look, I know a place. You can stay out here.. or you could come with me.'' He begins a fixation with Areum after some events. He's 221. He's Got Hypnosis and Mind control


Min Yoongi


Called 'Suga' Because he likes drinking 'Sweeter blood'  (and he's the palest of the group after he takes off the foundation that makes him appear tanner) He's been that way since birth. He's a foul mouthed, Sarcastic yet Kind individual. But honestly. He likes to fight. He stayed with Jin and Namjoon after 100 years of being lonely. But when he's asked he says they  ''threatened to kill me.'' he's 223 years old. He doesn't really have any powers, If so. he's never showed or told anyone. 


Jung Hoseok

Called 'J-hope' Or even Sunshine. Even after he witnessed a killing of the nest he was staying with, he remained hopeful. But with consequences, He was taken in by a Matriarch and changed after some time. he's rather cold towards a lot of humans. he has the ability to sense the truth in your heart. He's know's whether your intentions are good or bad, just by looking into your eyes. He has his moments when he's just angry out of the blue. But is easily calmed down. He's 222. Atmokinesis: The ability to control or manipulate the weather, like creating rain, tornadoes, fog...etc.


Kim Taehyung

Taehyung or called 'Tae Tae' Was a singer and traveled with a family across the country. He was changed by a vampire In Spain after a solo performance. He accidentally killed his Uncle, crazed with thirst. not wanting to hurt anyone else in his family. he ran away and stayed in the amazon for a while. Where he found natives like him. And learned to control his thirst. his obsessions include trying human foods to see which ones he could keep down. And goldfish. He has Illusion Manipulation.


Jeon Jungkook

The Youngest. Tauntingly calls jin 'Appa' sometimes. But Jungkook isn't exactly what he appears to be; He's not full vampire. Jin found a Baby crawling around the streets with blood smeared on his face and several bruises on his body. He took the adorable Baby in at once. Jungkook grew up to be a charming, fight picking, Skilled tracker of a young man. He's able to share his thoughts, Psychic abilities and memories...Through lip contact. He's only 98 years old. Usually where ever Jin goes, he Usually goes. In other ways, He's literally Jin's son.

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