Invisible Dork - Book #1: Hi's!

It's about this boy name Roy and he's invisible and he's very dumb. He goes to Mid Troi Middle school. He's on a quest to find a blue butterfly in the creepy mid forest just so he can become popular. But at the end there's a twist. Read to find out...


1. Hi's!

So, I was talking to Alex the turtle (by best friend) and he looked behind him and there was a blue butterfly. I was like WOAH DUDE! Then he just went back to talking to me. He started talking about the cool kids that are cheating on the math test that we had last Friday. While Alex was talking I thought to myself, "I wonder what it would take to be one of the cool kids?" Then when I actually payed attention to Alex he started to talk about the mid creepy forest near the town library. Now i'm listening! "So about this mid creepy forest, does it have like poison ivy?" I asked. "Well, I think so. It also has wolfs." Alex said. I wasn't sure if this was fake or real. But I thought it was fake. After talking to Alex about this mid creepy forest or whatever it was time to get home because the school bell already rang. "Hey um Roy. Wanna go to the park later and play basketball?" Alex asked. Of course I said sure because well he's my best friend and plus I LOVE basketball. So, when I got to the park I saw him in the basketball court and I ran over to him saying "Hey Alex." "Hey Roy. Let's play basketball now please. I've been DYING to play basketball all day." Alex begged. "Ok! Let's do this!" I said. So we started playing and then 20 minutes later I hear these kids laughing. I looked behind me and it was the cool kids. "Hey um Alex i'll be right back bro." I told him. "kk" Alex said. 

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