The Silver Gate

In a land known as Sakura Kingdom, an organization is working under the King's protection. Their goal: to open the silver gate.


1. Purpose

     "Good morning, class!" was the only sound I heard as I stared out the classroom window. Outside, I saw cherry blossom trees swaying in the breeze. "Himuki Ayato?" I heard her say, taking attendance. "Here." I said blankly, then continued to stare out the window. I watched as a pair of girls looked up and saw me in the window. The one to the left whispered something to the other. I wish I could hear them. "Ayato?" was the word that brought me back to reality. I turned to see a girl, around my age, long, silver hair, and blue eyes. She must've said my name. "Yeah?" I asked, curious of what she wanted from me. "I'm new here. My name is Ira Sono." She said softly. She seemed nervous, as if she was about to run away. Surprised by what she said, I replied with "Nice to meet you, Sono." She seemed happy enough. "Ok, class. Everyone take a seat." As the last word left our teacher's lips, Sono left to sit at her assigned desk.  

     "Today we're going to learn about..." I decided to ignore the lesson. Instead, I took out a notebook and started drawing figures on the lined paper. But, I couldn't help but wonder what it was about Sono. She seemed different. Like she wasn't human, even. After an hour of doodling and thinking about this theory, the bell finally rang. Lunch. I gathered my things and started the walk to my locker. After putting away my books and getting my lunch, I headed towards the roof. When I reached the top of the stairs leading to the roof, I found myself standing in front of Sono. "Hey, Ayato." She hesitated before continuing. "Sorry about earlier." Unsure of what to do, I decided to forgive her. "It's fine, really." She smiled. Now that I think about it, her smile was beautiful. "Thank you." Back to reality...yay... "Ummm...Ayato?" She seemed nervous. REALLY nervous. "Is it ok if I call you by your first name?" Whoa. Nobody's ever asked me that. EVER. I didn't know what to say or do, so I just said, "Sure. And I'll do the same." Her face literally lit up. I've never seen someone look that happy before. That day at lunch, we laughed, smiled, and talked. It felt good to smile again. It was the first time I've smiled for years.

     I continued through the day, knowing I had a friend I could trust. The end of the day came faster than usual. After school, I walked to the library. But, on my way there, I heard a conversation. One I shouldn't have heard. "We can't let Ira tell anyone about the gate." said a raspy, male voice. "You're correct. Especially Himuki." Replied a younger, airy, female voice. I listened until they left. Never looking around the corner. I got to my house pretty late that night. But nobody noticed. After finishing my homework, I looked up something I heard the two from earlier talking about. The Silver Gate. Nothing came up. I searched again. Still nothing. Now, I had a purpose. I had to find out what this gate was, and what Sono and I had to do with it. I HAD to know.                                                                                                  

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